20 Secrets to Happiness

My dear friend sent this to me… it is secrets to happiness and I share them with you… shhhh….

20 Secrets to Happiness

1. Return everything you borrow.

2. Stop Blaming other People.

3. Live within your means and within your seams.

4. Be Humble.

5. Listen more; talk less.

6. Everyday, do something nice and try not to get caught.

7. Strive for excellence, not perfection.

8. Be on Time.

9. Don’t criticize anyone for 24 hours.

10. Be kind to other people.

11. Be even kinder to unkind people.

12. Take time to be alone.

13. Admit it when you make a mistake.

14. Understand and accept that life isn’t always fair.

15. Let someone cut ahead of you in line.

16. Don’t Argue.

17. Know when to say something.

18. Know when to keep your mouth shut.

19. Don’t make Excuses.

20. Don’t sweat the small stuff


Makes sense… doesn’t it? Its alright to share some secrets… 

21. Eat Ice Cream

Thats mine 🙂  Can’t help it… Ice Cream makes me happy

7 responses to “20 Secrets to Happiness

  1. psst……Wanna hear another secret?

    Happiness is mind, contentment is no mind… Approximately.

    Seems like your list would work pretty good for either. :O)

  2. I love these but may I add no. 22 … cinnamon buns with melted dark chocolate on top 23. Italian breads with olive oil and balsamic?

    Beautiful list I am adding this to my morning mantra!

  3. ~zenuria~ Extra sweet stuff 🙂

    ~mossy~ why thank you… i think it would… great secret

    ~sorrow~ sparkle on!!

    ~sanity~ I think we should create a new list “20 Foods to Bliss” What do you think?

    ~rainer~ I like it too… makes you think who the wise ones are… I suppose we all have our wisdom

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