11 responses to “Forgiveness

  1. Hi Enreal! 🙂

    Another beautiful posting!

    ‘Seek forgiveness from yourselves, and you shall be forgiven.
    Seek forgiveness from others, and you shall remain eternally enslaved.’ (Cyrus Rumi)

  2. mossy~ it is a nice concept… I have yet to achieve…

    gypsy~ I wish I could… once I let go … I will Be

    Sanity~ thank you

    ~ Cyrus~ beautiful wisdom… thank you…

  3. It is not difficult. I just say to myself something like, “I like you, you are doing fine.” And I try to stop saying “You are not good enough.”

  4. interesting post, again you capture so much. A slant I had not looked across, freeing self from self, letting go of the past and forgiving so as to move forwards, unhinded by chains of old.

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