This time, this place

What Life did you choose?

Which path was yours to take?

What lessons were yours to learn?

Have you forgiven your mistakes?


I drift into my mind… a place I often view more as reality than Life…I drift.

I acknowledge my decisions… I acknowledge and am close to acceptance.

We all have stories,

Each Life blessed and cursed.

Each Life individual yet connected.

Each Spirit more free.

Each Soul more aware.

With each Life…there is always a purpose.

Sometimes it is not present until the end…

sometimes it is not present until generations pass…

Sometimes it is ignored…

and time passes until its purpose is remembered and embraced…

We all have stories and we are the authors…

There came a place where silence ruled
Time passed slow
Light stood still.

In this place we were at home
We were boundless
We were infinite

There came a time in this place…When we had to chose a lesson…One we never faced before…

We had to continue learning
We had to continue to grow

In this time, in this place there came a calling for love…there came a calling for support…there came a calling to be the sacrifice…there came a calling to be more…

In this time and place there came a calling for pain… for empathy… for understanding…

Then in this place, in this time… it was time to leave… the time had come to share what we learned… to share what we know…

One day we will go home. Take with you your story….

Remember this time, this place

You are the author



“Listen, hear and wait. you will see” enreal

The final task

I turn to find
Shadows by my side

I dream of a life
I had tossed and left behind

I close my eyes
I hear the wind and clouds divide

Touching I feel
What I sensed all along was real

I dream of death
Too generous and close to touch

Time lived in the past
Alone with time at last

I question times disguise
I seek answers to my demise

The ground is cold and calling
The sky is red and falling

I am alone at last
Free to breathe one last breath

I am alone at last
Time will part and I will rest

But time and shadows play

The end spoken for another day

Time will not remove its mask

Alone and calling for its final task

Open and listen






Are you truly alone you ask?

Or are you at peace here with the shadows and the mask

Now be still and listen

You shall hear your final task…

Who’s to say…

Who’s to say we can not have the glory of day without the darkness of night? Who’s to say the night is not glorious…

Who’s to say we can not imagine the greatness of the universe without discovering the greatness of the mind? Who is to say our universe is greater than our mind…

Who’s to say we can not see through the blind eye of reason without accepting the possibility for more? Who is to say the eye is blind, perhaps the eye can see and our mind can not accept

Who’s to say we can not feel beyond the edges of our fingers, yet we know we do… we feel through the edges of our soul… without touch… our mind feels, so does the heart… we feel energy, the past, present and future… we feel great sadness, happiness, fear and joy… we feel without the body… who is to say that makes sense?

Who is to say what we can or can not do, feel or say? Who truly understands or claims to know? Not I… I merely am…

Yet who’s to say I am? Do I? Do you?

This is for all those who choose to tell me what I can not do. This is for all who try to limit me… This is for my mind to read and my heart to understand… “for all those” this is for me to hear… will I choose to listen? do I ever?

~Enreal    10-20-10

Open your eyes

The voice came suddenly. As clear as the sound of water trickling and echoing through the cavern. Yet the cavern was me, my hollowed self, my shell. There came a series of vibrations and then there. There I was. Alone in my cavern, my hollowed self… my shell.

“The questions and requests, the magnitude of self pity and knowledge, the selfishness and always yearning for more. More. Why is it always more… and never enough.”

And there it was. The truth within the avalanche of words…

And there it was. The straw. Laid gently on the fragile pile. The whole of the silence shattered.

“what is it you want for me? what is it you need?”

“close your eyes so you can see,”

“i have only one way of making you understand, close your eyes and come with me”

The illumination was instant, my closed eyes faded… I was free. I turned to see my companion, the truth, the reality.

It was a sad dull light. I knew it was tired, yet it was still bright. This was me. I fell to my knees.

“there is only so much I can do for you, only so much I can give.”

“I can only wonder if this is a mistake, to show you yourSelf”,

The light burned on dull yet bright.

“I can only hope you see this as it was meant to be”

You have Life




Light and Dark

“You were given breath, sight, passion and pain… what more can you feel?

You were granted pride, ego, fear and judgement… what more can you overcome?

You were given hunger and thirst in more ways than one… what can be more than to be fulfilled…

Why always more, and yet it is never enough…”

the light shimmered and became more dull. It seemed to settle on a stream of consciousness and waited…

“Why am I not enough, you ask why are you not good enough… can’t you see that you truly are?

Open your eyes


There are so many things I can’t explain. So many feelings I can’t  register. Questions I can’t fathom. Thoughts I fail to explore.

Is there choice in this matter?

Boundless yet finite are my journeys. Reason leads the  expedition now. Faith has taken her sabbatical, leaving the journey  up to the mind alone.

Once there was a time when the universe opened her  heart to me. When we danced and drank in life to the fullest. We ventured,  amazed at the signs which stared upon us in reflection. She and me. Bound. There once was a time…

It seems so long ago.

Then there came the passage above, the one which triumphed above us as one. The one which called to question the feelings, the thoughts, the connection with realization. The one which threatened the heart. During our travels we often face reason and choice…

This was neither, yet it was both.

There came the road. Metaphorical. The road which bore two paths.

Numbly I chose the path apart. Journeyed the world with her in silence, for she was there. My universe. In silence. She knew why I chose the path. It was simpler, yet forged in false altruism.

Truth is hidden…

Often in plain sight.

Yet in this sight, before us we fail to question the journey. The who, what, where and why? Who laid the path, ventured the journey, explored the unexplorable and sought the meaning?

It was Us

Before we see the end, let us journey the paths and live the beginnings. Before we see the end, let us reunite.

I wonder why

I wonder why when we dream, life seems so irrelevant? Why the hours of sleep feel so short… as if time matters little to the worlds we travel in the night.

I wonder why when we breathe, the air flows through our bodies as if there is no reason… simply will… as if the body is animated by its own design.

I wonder why when we feel, I mean deeply connect to raw emotions, there is that physical reality to the minds power…

the breaking of the heart from sorrow and loss

the butterflies in your stomach when you are nervous, or in love

the laughter which flows so heavily when you are happy

the tear which release when the mind knows not what to do with the flows of emotion, be it happiness or sadness…

I wonder why when we think… delve deep into the abyss we call Mind… do these things make sense. The answers and reasons we resolve delicately explain that which is unexplainable to each individual reality…

we think there for we are

All alone, yet connected by the similarities of Life… semblance to Mind… oneness to Soul…

I wonder why I wonder. Yet I am happy that I do… for so many take not the time to care, learn, think… perhaps it is the wondering we find the wonder


I remember a conversation I had a little while ago. One of those semi-philosophical conversations… where you stumble upon a golden nugget… a morsel of perfection… clarity even… yet as I try to recall it all, I have a hard time remembering the “aha” moment…





The meaning of it all, you understand the feelings evoked when you have a realization… and having that feeling amplified by the connection with another mind… knowing you are not alone in your mind…

What were we taught?

Think about what we know.
It was all created by us,
Language and society.
All of it is conceptualized by us.

A table is a table. The sky is the sky. The earth is earth… or is it known as something else. they are what we claim them to be… life is what we claim it to be. Perhaps the reason is because we are isolated, perhaps it is because we are alone. The closest connection we have to the universe is God… and even He is abstract…

Perhaps there is no reason other than that which we create.

A baby is born into the world
We nourish, teach and love
We raise it, as we were raised
Sometimes differently,
But most with good intentions

Sometimes along the way
A path is crossed
A child ventures the wrong direction,
That child in the future misguided,
Misguides another
This cycle, as it always is
Is Life

There is another perspective. One which involves fate… destiny… God even. The reason,

if it applies,

is none other than experience,




what if there is no wrong?

what if there is no right?

what if life, the series of events which have passed for thousands of years all reach this screen. generations and countless generations of blood being passed on and on… to guide you to this realization… the countless choices, mistakes, tears, years… the road which lead you here was paved with good intentions along the way… so perhaps that is life… or a infinitesimal part of it


always perhaps

or what I claim perhaps to be