Who’s to say…

Who’s to say we can not have the glory of day without the darkness of night? Who’s to say the night is not glorious…

Who’s to say we can not imagine the greatness of the universe without discovering the greatness of the mind? Who is to say our universe is greater than our mind…

Who’s to say we can not see through the blind eye of reason without accepting the possibility for more? Who is to say the eye is blind, perhaps the eye can see and our mind can not accept

Who’s to say we can not feel beyond the edges of our fingers, yet we know we do… we feel through the edges of our soul… without touch… our mind feels, so does the heart… we feel energy, the past, present and future… we feel great sadness, happiness, fear and joy… we feel without the body… who is to say that makes sense?

Who is to say what we can or can not do, feel or say? Who truly understands or claims to know? Not I… I merely am…

Yet who’s to say I am? Do I? Do you?

This is for all those who choose to tell me what I can not do. This is for all who try to limit me… This is for my mind to read and my heart to understand… “for all those” this is for me to hear… will I choose to listen? do I ever?

~Enreal    10-20-10

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