I remember a conversation I had a little while ago. One of those semi-philosophical conversations… where you stumble upon a golden nugget… a morsel of perfection… clarity even… yet as I try to recall it all, I have a hard time remembering the “aha” moment…





The meaning of it all, you understand the feelings evoked when you have a realization… and having that feeling amplified by the connection with another mind… knowing you are not alone in your mind…

What were we taught?

Think about what we know.
It was all created by us,
Language and society.
All of it is conceptualized by us.

A table is a table. The sky is the sky. The earth is earth… or is it known as something else. they are what we claim them to be… life is what we claim it to be. Perhaps the reason is because we are isolated, perhaps it is because we are alone. The closest connection we have to the universe is God… and even He is abstract…

Perhaps there is no reason other than that which we create.

A baby is born into the world
We nourish, teach and love
We raise it, as we were raised
Sometimes differently,
But most with good intentions

Sometimes along the way
A path is crossed
A child ventures the wrong direction,
That child in the future misguided,
Misguides another
This cycle, as it always is
Is Life

There is another perspective. One which involves fate… destiny… God even. The reason,

if it applies,

is none other than experience,




what if there is no wrong?

what if there is no right?

what if life, the series of events which have passed for thousands of years all reach this screen. generations and countless generations of blood being passed on and on… to guide you to this realization… the countless choices, mistakes, tears, years… the road which lead you here was paved with good intentions along the way… so perhaps that is life… or a infinitesimal part of it


always perhaps

or what I claim perhaps to be

4 responses to “perhaps

  1. Sometimes when we have a “realization” it is the result of a change of state of consciousness. It is effectively the understanding of a different person.

  2. We have a houseful of loving cats, and outside, dogs. I have an equal love and respect for them all, their uniqueness is Divine. But it seems to a one, they would rather have you only to themselves, and this seems to set off competition and conflict.

    It may be a natural statement of the self and survival. Perhaps without human interference, this would not occur, but where does this ‘What about me!’ come from?

    I’m confident animals exist perfectly in their element, with kinds of stress creating issues for them, as it does for us. What about me!, is a pervasive question; need, desire, longing, the search for truth, meaning and knowingness in belonging.

    Many of us, if not most of us, perceive things being right and others wrong. This assumes we “know” an absolute kind of right, but is this right the ‘What about me!’ right, or something transcendent? We do not know that our ‘What about me!’ view is not in some way transcendent; that it is part of a process of harmony, place or reaching into God. The mind can become a quagmire or quicksand, with its singular focus in the experience of oneself.

    I feel we are each capable of incredible perception. Whether it is right or wrong, may involve judgement calls we will forever be incapable of knowing the true source of the evaluations intent.

    I find that when I see through Love’s Eye, everything becomes miraculous.

    Thanks Enreal for the great post.

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