The final task

I turn to find
Shadows by my side

I dream of a life
I had tossed and left behind

I close my eyes
I hear the wind and clouds divide

Touching I feel
What I sensed all along was real

I dream of death
Too generous and close to touch

Time lived in the past
Alone with time at last

I question times disguise
I seek answers to my demise

The ground is cold and calling
The sky is red and falling

I am alone at last
Free to breathe one last breath

I am alone at last
Time will part and I will rest

But time and shadows play

The end spoken for another day

Time will not remove its mask

Alone and calling for its final task

Open and listen






Are you truly alone you ask?

Or are you at peace here with the shadows and the mask

Now be still and listen

You shall hear your final task…

10 responses to “The final task

  1. Hello dearest Enreal. Do you hear your final task? Do you feel you are ever alone or will be? Your spirit, so gentle and so pure resides with me and I feel as spirited souls we might hold hands in flight one day when the sky is red and falling. But for now, we have life, we can play, we can feel the sunlight, we can dance among the falling raindrops and lick snow flakes from the sky! Let us embrace each moment we have of the timeless time we have now! Bless you dearest Angel Enreal!

    Peace, Light, Love and Life!

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