I wonder why

I wonder why when we dream, life seems so irrelevant? Why the hours of sleep feel so short… as if time matters little to the worlds we travel in the night.

I wonder why when we breathe, the air flows through our bodies as if there is no reason… simply will… as if the body is animated by its own design.

I wonder why when we feel, I mean deeply connect to raw emotions, there is that physical reality to the minds power…

the breaking of the heart from sorrow and loss

the butterflies in your stomach when you are nervous, or in love

the laughter which flows so heavily when you are happy

the tear which release when the mind knows not what to do with the flows of emotion, be it happiness or sadness…

I wonder why when we think… delve deep into the abyss we call Mind… do these things make sense. The answers and reasons we resolve delicately explain that which is unexplainable to each individual reality…

we think there for we are

All alone, yet connected by the similarities of Life… semblance to Mind… oneness to Soul…

I wonder why I wonder. Yet I am happy that I do… for so many take not the time to care, learn, think… perhaps it is the wondering we find the wonder

17 responses to “I wonder why

  1. Your FABULOUS photo goes so well with your theme…well done. Is the piece in the picture a sculpture or is it a painting? It fascinates me!

    Also, keep pondering! Look inside is everything! – Amy

    • Amy! Thank you! I believe it to be computer generated… or a digital image… I don’t know the correct terminology… anyway thank you for the energetic comment. Love those! πŸ™‚

  2. My Dear Enreal, you speak for me with those words. Yet I couldnt have put it as eloquently as you have…Its one of my favorite words “wonder” and “I wonder if/why/what/how/when/where”…In my minds wanderings there are wonders that never cease and perhaps thats why I wonder. Thank you.:)

  3. Hi Enreal,

    I really enjoyed your post both in terms of meaning and the beautiful way you wrote it.

    I wonder if anyone has ever come up with any answers at all.
    It’s necessary to wonder in order not to take our world for granted, but be grateful and cherish our time here.

    • Shiona πŸ™‚ welcome and thank you for the thoughtful comment… I do not think there to be answers to everything… I believe it to be as you stated… thank you for sharing your wisdom πŸ™‚

  4. To ask these questions is to create awareness and to create awareness is to fully experience this journey. Never stop wondering about the wonderment of it all.

  5. ‘I wonder why I wonder?’
    I have asked myself that question forever.
    This post could turn itself into a book it’s so deep.
    There are too many questions here to answer in one post.
    Know that you have inspired many (including me) to simply get a pen and write.
    After a post like this how can you not?
    Have you thought about a writing book?
    I suggest you find a copy of ‘Walking on Alligators’.
    If you can’t find one, I will gladly send you mine.
    You could have written this book.
    No lie.
    Beautiful, kiddo.

    • ~m… thank you for this comment! I will look for that book… one day if my dreams come true I shall publish a book… this kind of response is an affirmation. Thank you

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