Remember to remember

When I remember to remember the ache creeps in. So easy is it to push aside dreams and in turn head towards a given reality.


When I remember to remember a shadow is thrown. So easy is it to run with the sun and leave behind the darkness in silence.


When I remember to remember the silence breaks. So easy is it to listen to breath and the constant rhythm of the heart.


It beats

I breathe

I cast shadows

I walk the path blind


Yet when I remember to remember

When I choose to not forget. I know.


It is not so easy to escape that which comes from within. Blinding yourself. Ignoring the ache. When I remember to remember I feel sad.


Perhaps I shall forget this too.

The spirit of giving thanks

“Thanksgiving Day comes, by statute, once a year; to the honest man it comes as frequently as the heart of gratitude will allow.”

~ Edward Sandford Martin

Thanksgiving is upon us… marking the beginning of another holiday season. The holidays are a great opportunity for sharing love and being with friends and family… It is a time of happiness and reflection. Memories and tradition…

So here we are this year, on the brink of holiday frenzy and abundance… please remember there are those who have little to nothing to be thankful for… there are those who simply are… So now I ask all my friends and family to simply Be… Remember charity and lend a helping hand to your neighbor… simply ask and listen for we are all in need of something…



One Weeks Food Around The World


This photographic journey around the world was a feature in Time magazine… the first reaction I had was wonder then next shame… thinking upon the waste…



“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”

~ John Fitzgerald Kennedy


I have been a supporter of the WFP for the past couple of years… I believe in

their mission… I encourage all to think about a charity, one which matters to their soul, and join their community as a supporter… Take the first step… We are not perfect… not even close, yet we can try. Pick a charity… even if it be the salvation army outside every store in America… the first step is intention…



Thanksgiving is possible only for those who take time to remember; no one can give thanks who has a short memory”


This Thanksgiving Day, let’s remember what we truly have to be thankful for. Let’s take a good, hard look around us and realize that while we may not have everything we want, what we want is not always what we need…

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.”

~ Cicero

Thank you all and have a happy thanksgiving…

Lots of Love, Happiness, and health




It’s disconcerting how separated I have become from the stars. When once I felt them my home, my dreams. Now they shine a hollow yet beautifully radiant reminder of what I have unremembered.


What was it again..?


My mind can see heaven yet my heart has forgotten to breathe in the light. My soul reached on high… yet is it still my soul?


Is it..?


Perhaps when the time comes I shall remember. For now it seems I must wait. And yearn. A hollowing reminder. I feel its memory yet decode it I can not.


How foolish am I, for I know that waiting is the only thing time does not forgive

Oh time…

you travel so fast, wings beating upon the invisible threads you have woven. as you travel and laugh your song carries on. dancing with the sun.

your thoughts became the embers of fantasy and dreams, your wishes beckoned incredible things. From dust came fire and Moments.

From Ashes came clouds and Years.

shadows became fractured which formed Breaths

sorrows born together with Tears.

and happiness found within the seasons and years.

within your dawn you have created life. together maybe with what has been and forever will be Your Father

Oh time. when will the moment come of our rest. perhaps together, if you’ll have me, we shall accompany each other to a place where we can sit and watch the world. still.




perhaps maybe if time would hear my confusion. taste my thoughts. perhaps I would rest for a bit. ~enreal

Story Teller

The world awaits a new tale… filled with wonderment and life… visions and strife… the world awaits a new hero, a new world, a new time… every second one is born, another one dies.

I sit and read tales told through countless lifetimes. I fly through my mind. As I read the words they lose their shape and become landscapes of thought.
The story teller paints on the canvas of veiled sight. Whispering thoughts and watching them blossom. Watching them flow on the river of words until abstract becomes understood and understanding becomes reason for the listener. They tell yet always see in plain sight.


I sit and listen to the voice of the teller. Hearing the words and entering their minds. I fly.


Turning I see them. I hear the words they spoke as they wrote and they dreamed.


I saw them fly.

Eternal be the words, eternal be the thoughts, they remain for eternity. Infinitely flowing through minds. They live forever as others die.

Words. Thoughts. Voices. Memories. Dreams. Visions. Emotions. Created. Destroyed. Transformed. Interpreted. Saved. Deleted.

The voice of the story teller lives and is spoken through time.

As they whisper you can hear their true voice

As you listen you can see them fly


Turn and hear me.

See me. Telling you a tale.

Can you see me fly?

This time, this place

What Life did you choose?

Which path was yours to take?

What lessons were yours to learn?

Have you forgiven your mistakes?


I drift into my mind… a place I often view more as reality than Life…I drift.

I acknowledge my decisions… I acknowledge and am close to acceptance.

We all have stories,

Each Life blessed and cursed.

Each Life individual yet connected.

Each Spirit more free.

Each Soul more aware.

With each Life…there is always a purpose.

Sometimes it is not present until the end…

sometimes it is not present until generations pass…

Sometimes it is ignored…

and time passes until its purpose is remembered and embraced…

We all have stories and we are the authors…

There came a place where silence ruled
Time passed slow
Light stood still.

In this place we were at home
We were boundless
We were infinite

There came a time in this place…When we had to chose a lesson…One we never faced before…

We had to continue learning
We had to continue to grow

In this time, in this place there came a calling for love…there came a calling for support…there came a calling to be the sacrifice…there came a calling to be more…

In this time and place there came a calling for pain… for empathy… for understanding…

Then in this place, in this time… it was time to leave… the time had come to share what we learned… to share what we know…

One day we will go home. Take with you your story….

Remember this time, this place

You are the author



“Listen, hear and wait. you will see” enreal