It’s disconcerting how separated I have become from the stars. When once I felt them my home, my dreams. Now they shine a hollow yet beautifully radiant reminder of what I have unremembered.


What was it again..?


My mind can see heaven yet my heart has forgotten to breathe in the light. My soul reached on high… yet is it still my soul?


Is it..?


Perhaps when the time comes I shall remember. For now it seems I must wait. And yearn. A hollowing reminder. I feel its memory yet decode it I can not.


How foolish am I, for I know that waiting is the only thing time does not forgive

3 responses to “Waiting

  1. Isn’t that why they call it the circle of life? Isn’t that why we sometimes get a little dizzy, no longer seeing as clearly as think we once did? And I think you are right, that balance between being patient and not standing still is simple in understanding yet difficult to master. Another very intriguing post Enreal.

  2. Indeed. Waiting is not a good idea.

    Act now. This second. Always.

    What ever you are doing know that you are doing it.

    This is all and everything.

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