This time, this place

What Life did you choose?

Which path was yours to take?

What lessons were yours to learn?

Have you forgiven your mistakes?


I drift into my mind… a place I often view more as reality than Life…I drift.

I acknowledge my decisions… I acknowledge and am close to acceptance.

We all have stories,

Each Life blessed and cursed.

Each Life individual yet connected.

Each Spirit more free.

Each Soul more aware.

With each Life…there is always a purpose.

Sometimes it is not present until the end…

sometimes it is not present until generations pass…

Sometimes it is ignored…

and time passes until its purpose is remembered and embraced…

We all have stories and we are the authors…

There came a place where silence ruled
Time passed slow
Light stood still.

In this place we were at home
We were boundless
We were infinite

There came a time in this place…When we had to chose a lesson…One we never faced before…

We had to continue learning
We had to continue to grow

In this time, in this place there came a calling for love…there came a calling for support…there came a calling to be the sacrifice…there came a calling to be more…

In this time and place there came a calling for pain… for empathy… for understanding…

Then in this place, in this time… it was time to leave… the time had come to share what we learned… to share what we know…

One day we will go home. Take with you your story….

Remember this time, this place

You are the author



“Listen, hear and wait. you will see” enreal