The Other I

Return my companion. The one which stood near in the starless days, in the moonless nights, casting shadow in the darkest of corners, bringing concealed meaning to the words, giving mystery its hold on the defined.

Return my compatriot. For we belong of the same land, the same time, the same body, the same mind. We are of the same mission, our journey was forged side by side, of the same metal, of the same blade. Grass is grown, seeds are sewn, all in all, sadness was born.

Return my peace. The quiet which grew, the bond which we knew…

“Do not carry the world on thy shoulders, accept your sadness and it shall release”

Return that which belongs to me… for acceptance does release and empty. As the tide does come and go… its waters never leave… displaced and moved… yet still part of the sea…

My waters have evaporated, sadness has went accompanied by the tears. Emptiness is all which remains, along with eyes that cannot shed tears… yet they long for their release…

Return that which belongs to me. For I simply can not be, without that other part of me…

“It feels different, as if a weight has been lifted. Yet it was no burden upon me… I carried it freely… now my mission, my purpose has changed. Who defines happiness and normality? Who names all that should be? Who took my burden which I carried freely? Who took I from my mind? Now look at me, who am I?”


Her stolen eyes

Her stolen eyes
Her silenced cries
The faithful lies
Deceptive ties
Her stolen eyes
A glance unkind
Into her mind
Alone and blind
Her stolen eyes
Her gaze disguised
For one she cried
For one she died
Bowed in shame
Salvation came
All the same
Her life, her game
Hidden in pain
Fire and flame
Reborn the same
Eyes she became

The final task

I turn to find
Shadows by my side

I dream of a life
I had tossed and left behind

I close my eyes
I hear the wind and clouds divide

Touching I feel
What I sensed all along was real

I dream of death
Too generous and close to touch

Time lived in the past
Alone with time at last

I question times disguise
I seek answers to my demise

The ground is cold and calling
The sky is red and falling

I am alone at last
Free to breathe one last breath

I am alone at last
Time will part and I will rest

But time and shadows play

The end spoken for another day

Time will not remove its mask

Alone and calling for its final task

Open and listen






Are you truly alone you ask?

Or are you at peace here with the shadows and the mask

Now be still and listen

You shall hear your final task…

Who’s to say…

Who’s to say we can not have the glory of day without the darkness of night? Who’s to say the night is not glorious…

Who’s to say we can not imagine the greatness of the universe without discovering the greatness of the mind? Who is to say our universe is greater than our mind…

Who’s to say we can not see through the blind eye of reason without accepting the possibility for more? Who is to say the eye is blind, perhaps the eye can see and our mind can not accept

Who’s to say we can not feel beyond the edges of our fingers, yet we know we do… we feel through the edges of our soul… without touch… our mind feels, so does the heart… we feel energy, the past, present and future… we feel great sadness, happiness, fear and joy… we feel without the body… who is to say that makes sense?

Who is to say what we can or can not do, feel or say? Who truly understands or claims to know? Not I… I merely am…

Yet who’s to say I am? Do I? Do you?

This is for all those who choose to tell me what I can not do. This is for all who try to limit me… This is for my mind to read and my heart to understand… “for all those” this is for me to hear… will I choose to listen? do I ever?

~Enreal    10-20-10

I wonder

I wonder what it would be like to be in another mind… think in another way… see through anothers eyes

I wonder what it would be like to love… feel the light and laughter of another heart… live and breathe for another life

I wonder what it would be like to feel… or simply not feel this… I wonder.

It is funny often we wonder. Dream.

How often we feel. Every emotion.

Minds and hearts frantically competing for victory.

Be it for a moment. Yet endless.

Another life. Another dream. Another day to simply be.

Would the answer be the same?

Simply from another view,

Understood and made from the spoken language, Life

Seen as if written by time.

I wonder indeed if all these philosophies are real?

Thoughts and Visions


That’s all.

I wonder  if I could stop.

“Will I stop wondering? I don’t know. Perhaps. Sometimes it seems less complicated that way”

~ Enreal