the moments end

Speak softly
Listen slowly
Believe truly
It will soon pass

Watch closely
As the winds weep
And the waters grieve
Upon the summers sleep

Whisper and sigh
Let your mind cry
Think upon things

Bring forth the hidden wings

Day and night
Shadows of light
Time and place
Full of wisdoms grace

For want of nothing
For need of something
For understanding and sight
Grant us the vision, be it right

With any amount time
For any amount of space
For any given moment
With every granted space
every moment
every treasure
every smile
every pleasure

These moments are cast

Placed in the past

For all shall soon pass

But memories,

they are what last

5 responses to “the moments end

  1. Just beautiful.
    “whisper and sigh
    let your mind cry…”
    I have been doing all three – it is actually comforting and makes the thinking less painful.
    The whole piece was absolutely gorgeous.
    Thank you for writing it.

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