Evolution of thought and conversation

The perfect conversation… it sometimes begins with a moment of silence. A glance, or perhaps a daydream interrupted by reality… you are there, and the thought shyly enters the precipice of the mind… ready to take the plunge.

“Will I make an impact?” the thought softly thinks to itself…

“perhaps, lets give it a try”… 

The journey begins… “I wonder…” the thought formulates into reason.

“If you could travel to the end of the universe to learn one truth… to gain the meaning and reason behind one question… what would it be?”

The thought is satisfied… its part is finished in this journey… the rest is up to the mind. The evolution of the thought… the path it must journey to please the mind… 


They all sit, now fully aware that the journey is about to begin. The journey will be long and reach far beyond expectation… it always does… The time and energy spent will be rewarded with a smile, an understanding, a knowledge… the butterflies of the mind.

“Is there an Edward out there for me?”the group understands… She speaks of Love… holding a connection with another so pure and beautiful it can only be defined by an intangible thought. Soul Mates… what a beautiful thought… to dream the potential of love… to feel the necessity and to hold hope… but what of Love… a love so pure it transcends… this question traveled to the ends of the universe to reach her mind… this question evolved into a discussion on Love, Hate, Need, Want… it evolved into a discussion on family and friends, reason and purpose… tis seemingly small thought touched the heart and mind softly, elegantly… 


“What makes it my time to go?” To speak of death… to find meaning in life… to learn to accept… or to fight to hold on… The group weighs the heaviness of this thought… the answers so quick to come, slow… We speak of lessons and explore our wants. We discuss achievement, losses, the trails we all face, our truths… do you believe we will know? Perhaps God knows…


“What is it all worth?” All sit, perplexed… a bit smug… how often have we thought this before… yet the answers flowed purely, with no sarcasm, spoken simply with true meaning… “the bottom line”, “moments”, or perhaps the moment of pure insight, “You won’t know until it happens”. Brilliant!


“Why do we learn more from pain? Pain becomes a scar, yet happiness is a memory.” A discussion turns into one of individual trials and triumphs. Evolves into the beauty of the thought… the truth in it… Learning, processing, taking all there is to take… This was deep.


“Why must we face fears, my greatest fear is…”  As the group descends down this painful path we all come to face with a fear… “loss of parent”, “not receiving love” “not living life” “coming up short, not living up to my potential” “relearning mistakes”… we all share and contemplate… There is a moment when we are unburdened by our fears… perhaps it came when we faced and looked into the darkest place of our souls… for we try so desperately to hide our fears… “perplexing, when we all must live with them… they affect no other than self… Why do we hide?”


I had my first meeting last thursday… as you can tell it went exceptionally well… I gained so much energy and knowledge it was amazing… Tomorrow I will be holding the second “perfect conversation club” meeting. I have already begun my journey with this,  it is hopefully going to be in my life for sometime. I share with you these questions and answers in hope that you share some of your own, both questions and answers. Look forward to a chat… Thanks for taking this journey with me!


12 responses to “Evolution of thought and conversation

  1. Enreal~
    Do you know what a gift you have? what a marvelous moment it must be, to sit and hear the hearts of others? to find kernels of wisdom in the perspectives outside your own.?
    Thank you,
    for doing this, being apart of this and for sharing this…
    I can not find the words for my gratitude!

  2. Wow this is so insightful. . . I’m super delighted that you have decided to have these conversations. I, many times, wish to have such conversations. But unfortunately my peer and family think that I am on the queer side, quite nutty, to think this way, let alone write or talk of such. It feels most wonderful to know that there are others out there who think as I do. . . and desire company and conversation on matters of the soul. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Blessings to you as always, dearest Angel Enreal.

  3. I do have to add a little conversation starting. . . ““Why do we learn more from pain? Pain becomes a scar, yet happiness is a memory.”

    Although many believe we learn more from pain than from happiness. . . I do not believe this to be true. In fact, pain is often forgotten or placed far in the depts of our brain, hardly ever being conjured again. For example child birth. No woman alive remember’s the pain she suffers during child birth after the birth of the beautiful child. Thus, the happiness in our lives are really what drivese us and keeps us going. Most people who suffer from heartbreak rarely ever stress on the bad times they had with their ex-partner. The tend to dwell on the good times. . . thus they are taught a lesson in love. Do we really learn our lessons from war – or do we continue war after war. If we begin to learn from pain, perhaps we will actually experience more happiness.

    Blessings to all. . .
    Peace, Light and Love. . . CordieB.

    Blessings to all.

  4. This is a real group that you have started? I find myself being very jealous, why can these not be everywhere?

    You are such an advocate of the mind, your journal, your life, your depths. I completely salute you!

  5. Enreal, I’d love to know how you answered that question. What is it you want to know above all else?

    I have a little fantasy about one day being let loose in the akashic records where I can find out about all the myriad things that fascinate and intrigue me. Perhaps that would be my one question – how do I gain access to all knowledge and wisdom and how can I apply it for the benefit of all? Ok so I guess that was really two questions 🙂

  6. This has me wondering:

    “Why do we learn more from pain? Pain becomes a scar, yet happiness is a memory.” A discussion turns into one of individual trials and triumphs. Evolves into the beauty of the thought… the truth in it… Learning, processing, taking all there is to take… This was deep.”

    What is the difference between a memory and a scar?

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