Those Places

My mind goes back.

Memory pays respect to those places

My heart goes back.

Melancholy carries on to those places

My soul speaks in tongues .

They open the gateways of shadow to those places



Before them in those places

They speak so clear

So clear I can hear

I can understand

I can understand their foreign tongue

In their foreign land

The land for which I long

The land from which I belong


My words do not come forward for I can not speak

I visit those places

The places from which we come

I wish to be home

My heart

My soul



I shall say farewell to those places again

For now

But not for long

No rules



In the beginning I sank,
Deep down into an abyss
A feeling…
As if pieces were missing from my soul.
Panicking I felt for holes…
Holes in my heart.
Holes in my soul

All I ever needed
I misplaced along the way
Long ago
As I backtracked
I missed the path.

Further and further I went,
I could not find my heart…
I could not find my soul.

I screamed.
My screams were muted,
Muted by a place that is beyond sound.
In this place there are no rules.

Movement in the distance I saw.
I ran…
My legs moved as fast as permitted,

My body can only travel so far.
In this place there are no rules.

I saw over the hills,
I reached.
Pieces of my soul were there.
In this place there are no rules.

The darkness produce shadows,
I wanted to see clear figures in the sun.
I wanted to dance with the shadows of the moon.
Simultaneous and Impossible,
I needed to complete my soul.

Every moment of this time elapsed,
In a world where there are no boundaries.
In a moment that spans a lifetime… yet escapes in a breath.
I understood
In this place there are no rules.

My time culminated with a solution.
Just right for the journey back…
Through this place that has no rules.
To my slumbering body.
My soul weary,
Back from a place that has no rules.



In the beginning I sank…





Life with Death                              

Anger with acceptance

Peace with hate                              

Knowledge with ignorance

Happiness with despair                

Fear with freedom

Together yet alone                          

Purposeful yet lost


In the smallest of fragments we are one

In the most hidden particles we touch

In the most remote thoughts we meet

We may be blind

We may be deaf

We may be simple

We may be blessed

The war rages on… the battles fought for ignorance… the struggle for one to see… the veil and mirror break… one day we will see. Connected we may be…

You know

You know where it is 

The window to your mind

The gateway to your soul


You know where to find

The passage to your heart

A peace to make you whole 


You know where to heal

Within the fibers of your body

In the depths of your being


You know of the pain

You know of the sorrow

You know the emptiness

Perhaps shall be filled tomorrow


Somewhere within you know

One day it will show

All in turn will be

The answers you know

And wish them to be


It is here

The answer you know

It has always been here

It is now beginning to show

Shining ever so brightly

Out of your soul