To Know Love

Have you ever needed something so badly your body rejects everything else… Your mind accepts no comfort… it almost feels as if your hear has been torn from your chest… Can you imagine this feeling? The hole… stretching from your lungs to the pit of your stomach… Empty. Hollow… Can you imagine the feeling? To believe it will never be healed.

Only when your mind accepts the pain. It will be dulled. 

Only when your body realizes the heart is missing will the hole be filled with blood and fire… A low burning never to be quenched by any thought or act… 

Only when the soul looks to find the heart… in desperate search will the mind and body begin to relive the pain… to feel again… to work together again…

Now answer me this… Imagine this hole… this loss… the void of something which has never been witnessed… only remembered… remembered by not the body, nor the mind… remembered only by the soul… the past forgotten… the past in a dream…


The veiled memory… the memory of a mirage… a memory which you never owned, never touched… yet it is there… beneath the surface. Within your reflection. Behind your hard facade. It is and always will be there.  The memory… Lost love… this is how you know… you can love…

5 responses to “To Know Love

  1. yes, i have had that feeling, not too pretty. I try to practice compassion for those feelings and that part of my brain that tells me I alone, not good enough etc. I try to treat it like I would a child.
    ~doingmythingamy~ You are more than good enough, the thoughts spoken in your words show me so… may you have peace and thank you for your thoughts

  2. I grew up feeling all you have is taken from you for no reason. My health was taken, my parents were taken, my friends were taken. Just me, all alone. All alone with everything, yet believing I have nothing.

    The worst of loss is in how love is taken, but taken to where?

    As long as I felt and identified with loss, I more or less thought I was a loser, fated to a home alone. No one else to ever come in. I guess I was abandoned to myself, where I found the answer residing as I searched my world for the details of my connections to Life.

    Then I surrendered my struggle, my suffering. Loss was to set sail off into my past, or wherever it waits for loss that will again surely come. This surrender to Life, was in many respects my new life’s beginning.

    Amazing connections began to happen after 33 sure years of aloneness. I could become present now where I am. Oddly now, I honor loss as Love’s proof. I noticed something of this in your post.

    Great loss indicates great love. We may seek to belong to Life; to one another, and to this world spinning in this universe. To surrender to this “fact” lets me renew love and loving after each time it seems taken away. My sense of connection is always ultimately up to me. I may want love and surely feel I need it, but to deserve love? Why that happens by being It.

    Thanks Enreal

    ~Benafia~ your comment was one of great insight… it seems that you have learned your lessons… and have to a melancholy peace. Thank you for your beautiful reply. It enriched this post…

  3. I am there right now! Not necessarily hollow – but extreme emotional pain.. Wouldn’t want anyone to go through this..

    ~fibi~ I say live it! Share it… for to feel… even the slightest to the most profound pain is worth it! One day… perhaps and hopefully soon… it shall pass and we shall feel the inversion of pain… imagine the bliss… I have faith in that… If there is anything you need… please feel free

  4. Find a new mirror. It need not be perfect.

    The love that seems to be for another is just generic love looking for a way to be allowed into this crazy illusion called life.

  5. Is this feeling to know love? Hmmmm, am not sure. Always I feel that void inside me, and many times I have diverted myself but time always make me to feel that void. Why it is there, am not sure?

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