The Path

Walk the path

Let not the path go

Wait for guidance

Leave your soul to grow


The path a journey

The journey a path



Try as you may never to ask


The cycle is infinite

Proving life is unlimited

Choices forsaken

Show the path never taken


Then comes the time

When we reach the end

Where the path winds to the sea

We walk solemnly to be

Where one sits and gazes to the horizon

Watching for the epiphany 

Counting the sands of time

All in all

The Path was kind

Be well and grow


How truly do we know ourselves?
It is true we must look closely.
We must analyze ourselves

We must let go of the past.
People seem too quick to judge others
Too slow to look upon themselves

Stop thinking of what others think.
What you believe
Is what you will be

Happiness can only come
From the truest part of your soul
Try to fool yourself
Achieve nothing

Question the negativity
Let it go
Doubt the negativity
It will go

Beliefs block communication
Beliefs influence your mind
Your mind is the translator to the soul

Be one
Be whole
Be well
Then you shall grow