New Year Dreams…

As many of you know I am always searching for the perfect conversation… it is the inspiration behind one of my dream books… I have been working on  4 different books… I dream of being published and have been working on becoming a published author (not very hard, but I am writing… I suppose that is the important part). It has always been a dream of mine… but alas, reality dictates I must work and earn a living for myself. How I would love to be at home and be able to write and read and learn my life away…


This year  I am trying to make one of my dreams a reality… I have journals and manuscripts and am self editing daily… keeping up with this world and my imaginary one is taxing, but I can not complain… I love to be here and in my mind… I prefer to be in my dreams, but we all know how real reality is… 


So back to my perfect conversations… I have had many… many have been written here on these journal pages… all of my friends from this medium have enriched my life beyond words… the insights shared here have outshone my work in many ways…and at many times. Thank you. 


This all came from my sisters recent visit… she was visiting from Florida. Her and I have perfect conversations at ease… we discuss life and purpose… happiness and meaning… we reach deep into sense and try to answer our minds… always when she leaves I feel disheartened. It is difficult to have a conversation with someone… let alone what I search for… the perfect conversation has to have that spark… that deep desire for knowledge… it should leave you with butterflies in your mind, like you have touched upon some wisdom, some deep knowledge… 

So I came up with an idea… it happened today at work… I was pondering a recent addition to my works and asked a friend for her thoughts… I began on my conversation hoping for some input , some spark… and it came… why not create the perfect conversation… make it a reality… create the setting, ambiance, and have a discussion… choose a topic and let it flow… it is research and it begins on Thursday!!! I invited some friends over and hope the magic will follow… I know it will… They have been informed that this is research… they have been informed that I need input … they have been willingly dragged into my scheme…  🙂


So now I drag you 🙂 I have made a list of topics to tackle… truth be told all I want is for them to think… to dive into their minds… let them give some input on their beliefs… on their thoughts… what makes them happy, sad… what would they ask if they had just one question… those kind of things. Should make for some fun… how often are we asked? So for anyone who is interested… what would you like to talk about… The Perfect Conversation Club

Discussions will follow…

I am excited… thank you for bearing with me over the past few weeks… it has been dark, but now I see the lights… it has come from all over… it has come from your hearts… I love all of you… Peace!

12 responses to “New Year Dreams…

  1. What a wonderful idea. I too, love perfect conversations – ones that are deep and meaningful and leave a tingle up your spine. I don’t have enough of them.

    I’m so glad you have found some light in 2009. I would love to be involved in a Perfect Conversation Club – sounds like heaven 🙂

    ~zenuria~ what would you like to talk about? You know I’m up for anything… even heaven 😉

  2. “published author (not very hard, but I am writing… I suppose that is the important part”

    Writing is the beginning of everything. You may want to consider e-Publishing to begin with, it is an easier market to break into. We have a couple of articles on our site covering the topic, with more to come.

    The Perfect Conversation club sounds like fun…


    ~trevas~ Welcome and thanks for the positive feedback and suggestions… We’ll see how the first meeting is… very excited… hope to see you again…

  3. Ohh that sounds like a lot of fun. I love conversations that have substance and meaning. Especially with people I find interesting and intelligent. But then what exactly is my definition of intelligence, is it the same as everybody else, or is that one of those things that is in the eye of the beholder.

    I think one of the questions I love to hear the answer to is Where is your perfect place, your sanctuary, where you go to recharge and reflect.

    ~eric~ I shall ask both of these questions… firstly the definition of intelligence… and next the sanctuary… great insight… perhaps we can elaborate on your answers to start… love to know… peace and light

  4. When you nurture a dream, it cannot die. The more you talk about doing something, the more kindling you put on that flame in your heart. The goal may not seem like a passion, but it grows into one as you devote more and more of yourself to making it mor real. This blog of yours empowers readers to explore what it means for them to find the perfect place in their hearts. Once a person discovers that feeling, everything else unfolds differently.

    ~Kiara~ you are always such a pure heart… the light from your words elevates my mind and soul… thank you for your encouragement… love to have you here…

  5. “I have been working on 4 different books.”

    That is quite impressive. Hope you will achieve your dream soon.

    ~leafless~ impressive? i’m not sure… I hope your dreams come true too… peace and light my friend

  6. I do like the Topic “The Perfect Conversation”, could be a good book name.

    I’m curious about what happens as we grow up; what perceptions are lost or turned inward? Where do we actually define reality? What do our emotions mean?

    We seem unable to honestly express feelings openly all the time. What does this censored self become; The me that can not be free? Can we have or handle radical honesty? Do our insecurities loom as honesty’s nemesis? How can we nurture one another’s delicate places of self questioning?

    Other things seem important to me; Is there a one truth and one love essence to base our life’s mission on? Do we need to agree on this nature of reality? Can the individual find all the inspiration one needs by anything at hand, as if Life’s key is everywhere? Where am I located in this Universe of Being?

    How does community fit in? Do I value others as much as myself, and or see a basic continuity of cause person to person? How can I, and or community/extended family, infuse our worlds with reflections of our “perfect” appreciation of Life?

    In short; Why do we need a conversation of perfection? What feelings motivate my own questions as they relate to all?

    I’m sure Life with you all will bring up some of these things and surely much more. Or? None of the above!

    We await the process as it emerges…

  7. Ooh.. Topics.. Hmmm… Purpose? Why is that pain accelerates the learning process rather than happiness? Reincarnation? The illusions of reality? Is it possible to journey to other realms (ie astral travel)? The illusion of seperateness? Death – what really happens (I suppose that might come under the reincarnation heading..)? Journeys – what have people gone through to become who they are at the moment?

    I probably have lots more.. But, I think I’ll stop now!

    I really love this idea..

  8. “How I would love to be at home and be able to write and read and learn my life away…”
    As soon as I read this I wrote it in my journal. It made me smile because I can’t begin to tell you how much I would love to be at home reading, writing both words and music and just learn my life away… 🙂 For now it remains a dream but reading your words re-ignited the dream.

    As for the Perfect Conversation Club, how do I apply for membership??


  9. again!!

    Forgot to tell you that when you get your books published (and you will) please tell me because I would very much like to buy a copy..

    • J~ Thank you for your energy here… it means a lot. My club faded into the past, as do al things I love… I can only keep my friends at bay for a short while… talking about “the meanings of life” and philosophizing didn’t manage to fit well in their lives… ergo no more club… was great while it lasted and had great conversations… I think I wrote on this here… somewhere 🙂 I will look it up… as for joining, you’re already in… that is what we’re having all the time here… I can’t imagine how much I would miss if I didn’t have all the beautiful and important comments

      Thanks for the confident vote on the publishing. Its been 13 months since I wrote this… I am awfully good at procrastinating, or perhaps I’m just scared. Who knows…

      thanks J

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