For my guardians,
are my friends,
my angels

For my angels,
show my path,
my destiny

For my destiny,
is my life,
my choice

For my choice,
is to feel,
to hurt

For to hurt,
is to live,
to love

For to love,
is to give,
to sacrifice

For to sacrifice,
is to accept,
to be

For to be
is the gift
to me

5 responses to “Sacrifice

  1. I came here for a reason, no doubt. When I read this, I realized what it was. Thank you, enreal..

    ~teresa~ welcome and thank you for your words… they enriched this piece

  2. wow! Wonderful!! But I didn’t get why the title is Sacrifice?

    ~neilina~ your sight is great… I envisioned this cycle as a sacrifice for the next… the circle which is woven with these few words is a sacrifice of meaning… he largest concepts bound by a simple meaning… to sacrifice is to love and share… I wish I could share more with each moment… I ramble… probably not much use… thank you for your inquiry

  3. “For to be
    is the gift
    to me”

    So right you are, Angel Enreal! Keep being my kindred sis! These words are soooooooo truthful and touch me deeply.

    Peace, Light and Love. . . CordieB.

    Cordie~ kindred sis… love that! thank you for your words… always brightens my day

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