The journey


I have come a long way
Journeyed a quiet pass
Explored a closed passage
Fallen away to the past

I have learned of virtue
I have learned of pain
I have learned to be patient
even learned to tempt fate…

All my wandering
All my travels rest
I am left in solace
I am quietly blessed

For time is wisdom
Wisdom is gained
The road to discovery
Forever I paved


Though simple it seems

We often learn more from our dreams

To follow the everyday path

To remember the meanings have passed

To look for the journey

We must look for the pain

To look for happiness

We must be able to envision the same

6 responses to “The journey

  1. Beautiful writing. Soooooooooo truthful! I often feel we are thinking so much alike on any given day. But then again, I forgot, you are my angel, of course we would.

    Peace, Light and Love. . . CordieB.

    ~ Cordie~ You always make me smile… we are all connected… we simply do not look close enough… one day you will see… and when you do… make sure you give me a call! Take care friend! Thanks for the smile and love!

  2. Dear enreal, yes I can find myself in these lines of a journey. Thank you for sharing….

    ~rainer~ my friend… we find what we need when we need… missed your words… take care

  3. Lovely poem; beautiful photo. How I wish I’d chronicled the journey, yet it’s possible that the memory of it is more precious for “I am quietly blessed.”

    ~morningjoy~ the memory is indeed more precious… for moments pass… thoughts last forever! Perhaps the next journey you can do both 😉

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