Do you recall… from a word… your word…

You spoke… and it rang… like a bell

The bell tolled… once… long ago…


It tolled for time had left…

Yet time was kept… in your word

Remember your word… for we had met

Once… when the bell tolled… long ago


Dedicated to Gypsy~Heart… for her energy and her light… something in her words and her spirit… reminds me of a time of old…I simply can not recall…

3 responses to “Remember

  1. All of these were beautiful Enreal!

    I loved my surprise! You know I think we said before that we felt we met in a time past. I had a reading a few weeks ago, and she told me I was an old soul and had lived many lives. I have always thought so. Maybe we were together in a different It was amazing the things she told me..things that she had no way of knowing without spiritual connections. I know you understand what I am trying to say.

    Whatever the case I just know that I feel a special connection to your words now…like a moth to a flame, my dear.

    Sending you energies of love, light, and peace of heart.


    ~gypsy-heart~ Indeed I understand… I look for signs… I look for an ounce of a glimpse of proof… the only proof I seem to find is in the people I meet… thank you for showing me… Love and light is reflected…

  2. “something in her words and her spirit… reminds me of a time of old…I simply can not recall…”
    I sooooooooo agree.

    Nice words; beautifully written. Thanks for sharing, Enreal.

    (((Cordie))) Thank You…

  3. Dear enreal, sometimes a word, a sentence carries more than a trivial meaning. It falls like a pebble in a sea deep down on the ground of the soul…

    (((rainer))) blessings to you my friend… you captured these words…now they are full

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