Weep for yourselves


“One cannot weep for the entire world. It is beyond human strength. One must chose” -Jean Anouilh

When we wake and the dawn brings us our thoughts anew, what have we to do? A new day to bring a new way. Each day marks the possibility for greatness. And what do we do with it? Forget as people have done for years. We choose our battles, attribute our strengths and transcend our failures onto the next generation. When will this stop, the endless cycle of ignorance and contention?

Is it true we must choose? The pureness of the innocent who know not what the world has become. The misled who follow under false pretense the chosen path of few wise men? Who can we weep for? Ourselves perhaps? The cycle continues…nothing resolved…nothing achieved…the beginning at hand…the end perhaps. Do we all recognize man kind for its faults? Or do we see perfection in a mirage? We need to disturb our eyes, and suffer the Earth. Feel the Earth…for our fathers lie within screaming for us to hear, “Do not weep for the entire world…weep for yourselves, for the cure is hidden and it takes but one to see and the rest to believe”

Choose to believe!!

I recalled this quote by Jean Anouilh… perhaps we shall weep for one another…what say you?


Awaken your soul
Invoke your spirit
Open your mind
Call on your body

Life is a challenge
Our achievements unknown
All our strength we must gather
All our hopes we must show

This journey foreseen
On a page of a dream
Why is it so hard
To not fall apart?

To call on your soul
To invoke your spirit whole
For what is this life
But challenge upon strife?

One day we will be
One day we will see
For the past it has been
To the present we begin

Alive in our past
A life set a cast
No mold let it fill
Or our voice will be still

One Day


One day I will be happy… it is not this day, nor tomorrow… yet I know one day it will be so…

I know not what is the meaning behind this sadness… this daily pain… I feel as if my angel is crying…

I hear not her cries… I miss her sweet voice… I miss her embrace… 

One day I will be free… it is not this day, nor tomorrow… yet I know one day it will be so…



I know not the reason for these feelings… I may be sad… but I am alright. It is not the sadness that bothers. It is something sweeter, deeper… I can not explain further, one day I will understand.