Life is destiny…


What is purpose?
According to some, purpose is required in order to live a decent life, a good life, with direction and meaning. Some people believe God assigns “purposes” to people and that it is their “destiny” to fulfill them. Some believe “purpose” is not given, but chosen.

What is destiny?
Destiny refers to a predetermined course of events. It may be conceived as a predetermined future, whether an individual or a world. It is a concept based on the belief that there is a fixed natural order to the universe.

Would you say “destiny” is “purpose”? I wonder. Is there some important purpose we have here? Are we missing it? Is the light of destiny, part of the greater flame of Life. Which originated first? Life or Destiny?

5 responses to “Life is destiny…

  1. This is one tough question to answer.
    If you asked 100 people you would undoubtedly get 100 different answers.
    Destiny to me is God given. It’s a sealed deal from the day you’re born and can’t be altered.
    Purpose comes later in life, IMHO; having children has given me purpose. Period. And they are the single most important human beings in my life (my wife included)
    My “purpose” is to care for them. And I do that, every single day. Period.
    Awesome post.

    ~m~ I can find no purpose more beautiful than yours… you are indeed blessed and shall be for eternity…

  2. Perhaps it is our destiny to fulfil our purpose, perhaps they are one and the same thing… I seem to like the word “perhaps” a lot tonight, sorry!

    ~sanity~ I love the word perhaps! it holds so many possibilities! As does our purpose and destiny… one day it will all be clear… perhaps 😉

  3. Mans destiny as a whole is to live or die.

    To Exist or Perish

    Purpose is a choice.

    A choice of good vs evil

    Religion chooses death and promises eternal life in death

    I choose life – not death

    the certainty of death hath given man powers not real in what is religion

    Religion is blasphemous

    to speak for God, to speak to God, to understand God

    To believe that belief alone make it real – ask and ye shall receive is a hymm of the mind

    It is a power consuming dog of the heart

    Do not allow the satan to lead you down the path of eternal life and false promise you are but a child, scared, humble, obedient.

    Break away from the satan that which man hath made

    look for the truth and ye will find me – that is pupose, that is destiny

    ~H… thank you for taking the time and visiting… your words hold strong resolve… thank you for sharing them

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