One Day


One day I will be happy… it is not this day, nor tomorrow… yet I know one day it will be so…

I know not what is the meaning behind this sadness… this daily pain… I feel as if my angel is crying…

I hear not her cries… I miss her sweet voice… I miss her embrace… 

One day I will be free… it is not this day, nor tomorrow… yet I know one day it will be so…



I know not the reason for these feelings… I may be sad… but I am alright. It is not the sadness that bothers. It is something sweeter, deeper… I can not explain further, one day I will understand.


8 responses to “One Day

  1. Happiness is sweet, but momentary. It’s joy you need. It transcends even the deepest pain. I know of no other place to find it but in God alone. He really is sufficient.

    ~morningjoy~ welcome and thank you for your beautiful words…

  2. Perhaps this will make little sense but I have been in a similar place, you are right, there are no words that can describe it. Hang in there for it is essential in order to truly feel what is on its way to you, it is close.

    Do you paint?

    ~sanity~ I know you understand me… I know not how I know… yet I do… and yes I do paint… whenever I find time to breath… I am not going anywhere… I have to hang on…

  3. One day I will be free… it is not this day, nor tomorrow… yet I know one day it will be so…

    Dear enreal, I could read this poem over and over again…

    ~rainer~ thank you so much… it means a great deal…

  4. I too know of your yearning; but as you say – this shall pass. Not tomorrow – but one day. I feel there might be something missing for which we yearn but seemingly do not know how to grasp; perhaps it is as your first commenter said – but how is God grasped? Certainly not in any ways shared by man thus far. Perhaps we simply embrace sadness as part of joy; for all of life’s emotions were created by our creator; whose to judge one being better than the other. When we are ready, our hearts will feel free; perhaps tomorrow afterall! Beautiful words again dearest; Although your angel essense feels sad – her wings still touch the hearts and souls of wondering souls, myself included. PLL, CordieB.

    ~cordie~ your words reached my angel… she was touched and shed a tear… for in the end it is those who are reached for which I care… it is the same of her essence… bless you for your kindness and love… it is reciprocated fully

  5. I think our angels do cry because they love us so much but often we turn our backs on them. Not because we shun them but because of our ignorance. Your sadness is a symptom of trying to overcome that ignorance – you know that your angel is there – that is so much more than many people. Yearning for that beautiful angel is a sign of growth and evolution. The road back to the soul is hard… we get weary and disheartened… but that is merely a sign that we are in fact on our way home. One sweet day…

    ~zenuria~ one sweet day… my dear we shall all be together… meet the world in the core of an eye… see the sun through the crystal of the flake of snow… perhaps our ignorance is the sabotage… perhaps our bliss is in the essence of our angels… may we be blessed for eternity… thank you for your wisdom

  6. “my angel,” you said….

    It is so much to know even this, that you have an angel.

    My first visit here, so I will not say too much. I understand this place of which you write though…or at least I have been in similiar places. I often feel as if I start to climb out only to fall back in again.

    I am so glad I’ve found your writing here and I’m looking forward to reading more.

    ~Anjolie~ welcome and a most humbled thank you… I believe those whom are blessed have experienced these places… it is in these places we gain knowledge and wisdom… even if it is dark… there is always light… thank you again

  7. Happiness, not really a feeling I know or understand, its elusive, and for others, those that level with a normality that is alien to me! I dont think I would even understand happiness if I met it!!

    ~dumakey~ indeed happiness is elusive… i ponder how sadness and emptiness are so forthcoming… maybe we are not meant to understand happiness. I have no answers for you… only thoughts… if ever you need a thought or a word… reach out…

    and what is normality anyway? i believe it is objective… thank you for your thoughts… they add a sense of depth that was missing… have you ever read Khalil Gibran? Peace and light to you

  8. Nice post. Well I believe that sadness comes so as we can enjoy happiness when it comes. Otherwise without any sadness their will be no happiness to feel. Relativity all over again. I also like your sense of optimism in this one.

    ~nemesis89~ Welcome and thank you for your thoughts… indeed one must feel sadness in order to feel happiness… Khalil Gibran once wrote on this subject… it is like a well in your heart… the deeper and more full of sadness can be emptied and filled with that much happiness… it is all a matter of time. Some simply sink and wait on the bottom… it is a sad situation… i feel lost everyday… yet I now there will come a day… so for now I journey on my path… thank you for visiting…

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