Where are we going?

Somewhere in our subconscious we all know where we are going. We understand life and know what we are doing, it is not as mysterious as it seems. We are one and are on the same path of life. You read my words and I try to read your thoughts. Do my words have meaning? Am I reaching your mind… perhaps your soul? I am trying to reach your path, because ultimately you stumbled across mine.

I will look back and say thank you to all the people that crossed my path, because they are the reason for my choices, and my life. Think of yours, the roadblocks, those difficult decisions that you thought you couldn’t get through. The nightmarish situations, the horrid circumstances. Wanting to give up, throw it all away, and yet you held on…
This is why you are where you are. This is why you are who you are.

I picture things and am clear in my vision. We will learn the truth one day. The picture will fall into focus. The clarity felt seldom will overtake the doubt.
Who knows, except the force that is guiding us. That presence that is with us.

When I wake in the morning, exhausted and ready to fall apart, that presence makes me go and keeps building.
We all have that force, some ignore it and stop, because they are scared. I am not scared however, I KNOW THAT I WILL WIN. I know because if this is a situation of win or be conquered by circumstance, the answer is simple, I have to win. And so then, so do you, you and I. We are one. We are on the same journey.


May the storm pass and the path clear… the sun shines bright in the distance… can you see?






20 responses to “Where are we going?

  1. Dear enreal ,

    Isn’t journey our true destination ?

    I love journeys.

    I believe in travelling till the very end .

    Perhaps without destination .

    Perhaps alone .

    I believe that Universe is all around .

    With us , in us .

    Travelling perhaps .

    Do join the journey to infinity .

    As you have said , journey will energise itself .


    (((akash))) perhaps destination… and destiny will guide our course… I will journey for all eternity… but remember you are never alone… we are all connected on this journey… this glorious cycle called Life

  2. Also enreal , we should not be afraid of being alone too.

    I do feel I am alone .

    It is fine with me .

    It is the truth .

    Each of us are alone and need to build strengths to journey alone .

    Life will not be less beautiful if we are alone .

    Perhaps more …….


    (((akash))) I fear no solitude, no ounce of silence… being alone I feel I am with divine company… you know?

  3. “The clarity felt seldom will overtake the doubt.” – What a glorious state of mind that must be! Enreal, this is such an inspiring post – I would love to have this framed and placed on my desk for work and on my dresser as an inspiration each morning. You should really have your journals put into a book for purchase some day – you’d have a customer in me. Please advise if it will be ok to reprint this one for my personal use only, with all credits back to you. Peace, Light and Love, Cordieb.

    (((Cordie))) What an honor! Of Course! You bring me happiness… it is a dream of mine to be published, one day I hope… I should state for the record that you my friend are the one in need of a publisher! You are incredibly gifted…

  4. There are times we have to swim against the tide .

    There are times when we need to journey against the wind ,

    I have done it . Alone .

    It has been rewarding to stand on one’s own convictions
    and one’s own path in a journey .
    Sometimes going against all journey companions .
    Not because I did not love them .
    Because only I can stand for my convictions .

    Life actually started looking up.

    Sky became brighter .

    I have been sky gazing since then , all alone .

    Enjoying every moment of it .


    (((akash))) I am sure your convictions are strong… others can probably fall short… there are the lines
    “Sky became brighter .

    I have been sky gazing since then , all alone .

    Enjoying every moment of it .”

    Thank You for the responses… they add a depth to this, an insight…

  5. There is no presence, no guiding force. The only thing that moves you is yourself. You produce your motivation. You produce your own purpose. There is no path as there is no predestination. There is only exploration, and because there is exploration, discovery.

    (((Write Me Free))) Interesting perspective… and inspirational words… Thank You for your words…

  6. There are as many paths as unique individuals, all overlapping yet distinct. We are all one but we are not all identical to one another, our histories and experiences are different. But as every cell of your body differentiates from every other cell, still they are all you. So we are all, and each of us is an aspect of the whole universe. When we all realize this and awaken together, it will be a new day.

    (((Michael))) These are strong and beautiful words… incredible. They take me to a place of peace… a new day!

  7. Beautiful picture! Your post reminds me a bit of this old tune…

    I don’t know if you were born then but I was just a young kid at the time…

    Keep on fighting… ’till the end! 🙂

    (((Michael))) Loved this…I wasn’t round yet, but I still appreciate the classics

  8. enreal ,

    All this is only for publishing ?

    That surely is a disappointment .

    Somewhere , it’s loosing it’s shine.


    (((akash))) I am sorry you feel this way. It was once my fathers dream to publish a piece of work, it never made his writing any less valuable.

  9. Perhaps we should all go back to the barter system for our gifts; I give you a riddle to ponder, you give me wood for cooking and illumination!(just kidding – hey it’s Friday!)

    Peace, CordieB.

    (((Cordie))) Very creative… sounds good to me! 😉

  10. Thanks for the thoughts Enreal! I’ve found something recently that I’d like to share with you – maybe it will offer you some additional insights. It’s a book called Harmonic Wealth and it’s all about finding harmony in your life in all areas – financial, relational, mental, physical, and spiritual. It has some really good tips about how to engage all five pillars (or areas) of your life, and to learn more about how they complement each other. Rather than dealing with each issue individually, maybe take a look at the bigger picture.
    Here’s the link to that book I recommend: harmonicwealth.com/read
    a James Ray Enthusiast

    (((James))) Thank You for your suggestion… and welcome

  11. It is often a wonder to me that so many forget that we are all connected on this trail, it’s like they forget.
    I am one drop in the river
    that flows…

    (((Sorrow))) eternal… I love the sound of the river as it flows, forever winding, forever turning… the eternal river guides us home… you my friend are more than one drop, you are the force that guides the current

  12. Ultimately, yes is it the same journey.
    I believe that not only are we on the same journey, but we are the journey itself….All one, wrapped up in itself….:)
    (((Kalliope))) interesting… being and living the journey… I could take this thought and run… brilliant words

  13. Absolutely beautiful, both in the words that you used and the message between them, how poignantly true! I will hold this one close, thank you!

    (((Sanity Found))) my dear friend, you are welcome… and thank you

  14. The other end of the rainbow… I fail to recall how many times I have been searching for that end yet haunted still by my failure to reach it. i kept on going, searching for something I thought was there until…

    …until one day a stranger met, down the road I’m on. Everything changed on this day and I began to catch glimpses of more strangers. Strangers yet to my soul they are familiar. They are dear.

    Enreal, the first stranger gave me the strength to hold on. I did things I could never thought of doing. I climbed a hill, crossed rope bridges hanging on trees – walking over an entire forest, and came out alive and satisfied. These are only the beginnings. Now I know I can do things if I really do care.

    As for the other strangers I met so far, they are ones as yourself. They are the inspiring ones. They give coals to a burning flame. The flame in me. Once dying, now rekindled.

    I read your words, and you, my thoughts.
    You reached out to my soul after captivating my mind.

    Those roadblocks won’t be the death of me. I can feel the guiding hand. And though sometimes, I take a step back from the world and succumb to a moment of loneliness, it is when I reflect on the road I’m on. The journey I’m undertaking. The signs I’ve overlooked. The strangers I have met…

    …in such moments, Love overflows within me. Love wrapped itself around me. Love, because Love was the first stranger I met. And Love has brought much light into my world, more than I could pray for. Love, the whole being of it – not only for one guy but for all the beautiful souls in this world.

    Enreal, so many times I kept on knocking on your door, flipping through your virtual pages…so many times I find in you another haven. In your words I found a friend. Now I believe in angels once more. [That’s just trying to say, if you do get published, I will certainly try in any means I can to buy your book even if we’re oceans apart. I certainly will.]

    Love, peace and joy to you, Enreal. And many blessings. You, without doubt, makes me smile. 🙂

    (((glaize))) your words are like a field, filled with beautiful flowers. There is a gentle breeze dancing with the daisies and rustling the lilies…I am there and hear your words… indeed… this is heaven.

    You are a bright light during a long and dark night. Thank You for blessing me with you light and your words… they hold more value to my heart than you know

  15. So beautiful. Your words always leave me feeling at such peace 🙂

    (((ara))) Peace… than one of my purposes has been fulfilled

  16. @Glaize – I couldn’t help but read your comments. I hope you don’t mind me saying ditto – I am glad you wrote that, as I’m sure you speak for many of us. I’m sure there would never be a time when Enreal’s words could not be afforded. As she is an angel and would provide them to you freely whenever you needed them; same for all of us. It is a blessing to be able to earn a living doing that which we are gifted – and it in no way takes away from the gift. For in our gift, we all still provide for those who need the gift no matter whether we are monetarily compensated or not. For we always find the most value in giving, in and of itself. For me, compensating another for their God given gifts is simply another way, not a better or lesser way, but ANOTHER way of saying “THANK YOU.” It does not take away or add to the gift whatsoever.

    Peace, Light and Love to you and yours. . . .

  17. Wow..interesting conversation going here!

    I have no problem with you publishing…a book, a poem, a song, a painting,….all voices of the heart.

    All of you spoke so beautifully. Please forgive my attempt. I am not so knowledgeable or confident in my “knowing”. :O

    My thoughts are that we are all part of the same energy…we are all part of the DIVINE. For some reason we have forgotten that. Yet at times I understand what akash is saying…we do feel alone. In the human dimension maybe..eh? I still have times of feeling alone in the human dimension….a lot of times it is by choice!

    I know what I am experiencing in meditation and what I have seen that is not part of this human dimension. I can only hope what I think is beyond….is what my heart tells me.

    I probably did not make any sense at all. I guess I struggle to express it in words because my heart is still unfolding…I am only recently discovering “what lies within”

    Thank you enreal for your beautiful words….for opening your heart to us.

    Thank all of you for BEING.

    Love and peace of heart to all!

    (((Gypsy))) Your attempt was a success… I understand your thoughts and agree completely… there is a reason we forget of our true being… we have lessons to learn, great adventures to wage… mountains to climb… it is in these words and in these lives we must grow and evolve spiritually. That is why we forget… it is a challenge to faith and life to live in uncertainty… thank you for sharing the truth with me and your lovely words…

  18. On these lines, something interesting I’d posted on one of my other blogs:
    Life, it seems to fade away like an old painting, to the point of hiding. No matter how much we scrub, the brush strokes and the colors of life fade away until they become a shadow of the rich image they once were. Life, it seems to fade away to the point of no return, to be kept from the prying eyes of the world kept under lock and key in an old attic, until someone has the time and patience to restore it or sell it away in an antique store…

    Life, for two dollars fifty cents.

    Maybe less, if the bargain’s right…

    (((NIKHIL))) Loved this! there are so many wonderful lessons to be learned. What a great metaphor

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