8 responses to “Infinity

  1. Eternity coexists with the perceived passage of time. We are all here in the present, past and future are coexistent in the timeless now.

    (((michael))) I absolutely agree… the possibilities are endless

  2. Lovely, loving, and uplifting post, Enreal! Serenity radiates from it and the soul sighs in gratitude…

    (((MWM))) WELCOME!!!!!! How I have missed your light!!! Indeed my soul sighs in gratitude…

    Thank You for your kind words

  3. Oops! I love these wondrous words and the photo, enreal, but my comment was meant for your beautiful “Echos” poem. I meant to leave it there, but ended up here, where time ends and infinity begins. Hmm, seems like it all fits in! Here, there, I am everywhere, drinking from your spiritual fountain.

    (((MWM))) there are no mistakes… we shall toast together form the spiritual fountain… your light is, and forever radiate everywhere…

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