Your Book

Reach for the future
Throw back the past

Reach for happiness
Follow subconsciousness

Where are we when
all we understand is here?
What have we when
all we comprehend has gone?

We reach out for human hope
We attempt to track what is not
We reach out for human faith
We try to read a book that has no page

Life is written before us
Each day a new chapter
The climax and plot are twisted into one
Daily ties produce new reasons

Reasons are not meant to be understood
One day they will be clear
One day that has no time or year
On that one fine day we will see
What we were meant and have come to be

Write your book
The book does not write your life

7 responses to “Your Book

  1. The story, i wonder if it isn’t written , some time ago .
    Like a page that has words whose meaning i don’t know, some day I will understand there message, but will I ever know why i wrote them?

    (((sorrow))) You will know why you wrote them… and so much more… you will see the unbounded wisdom there is everywhere. Bless You for your beautiful thoughts

  2. Here lies the Scribbler
    No rest till my soul has found her way home
    After all the silly little arguments
    With Life

    Here lies the Scribbler
    Annoyance to Life
    Who’d look over her shoulders
    And say, “Wait! This is not how it’s supposed to be!”

    Here lies the Scribbler who’d calmly reply
    “Oh? But it is how I want it to be…”

    For how long I will be writing this Book of Life, I have no idea, Enreal. I pray it will be long enough for me to feel irritated,and agitated by Life. :] Though now, I do enjoy scribbling down precious moments. If we’d understand every reason, Life would be such a dull. It’s all those little mysteries that would make things worth more than we perhaps might ever credit them for.

    “On that one fine day we will see
    What we were meant and have come to be”

    I love this part! I could imagine myself and dear Life poking me in the side. I could hear Life say “See, I told you so. If you’d only listen back then…”

    I wish, I pray that when that day finally comes, I will be able to look at Life and reply “I’m happy, more than I can ever be. I walked my own path. I’ve conquered my journey to the end. I should have listened but I didn’t. And yet I am as happy as I can be.”

    I pray we all feel so on that one fine day, Enreal.

    Love, peace and joy :] and many blessings!

    (((Glaize))) If anyone will feel these feelings… it is you. Thank You for your beautiful thoughts and words… you are wiser than you know, understand more than most… and one day you will have all that you seek

  3. Your verses were not only thoughtful but the heartfelt too . The last added the poetry to the wisdom of your words and inscribed them on the sketchbook in my heart.
    You ask “What have we when all we comprehend has gone?
    Let me answer literally. That’s my reality. Just think. For example, I was forced to reject the invitation to participate in the artist’s camp only because of my impotency to buy a ticket for to arrive there… No, I am not complaining and that’s not a joke. Even a cup of coffee costs more than I earn. BUT my disability is my treasure because my forced poverty unlocked the secret of the wonderland under the closed eyes. That’s the spiritual realm, the wonderland…While sinking in my chair, I‘m embraced by God and the love enables me to hug the Earth, to recognize myself in each step of my mind travels.
    Thus the Spirit light the sun and leads us forward by making the darkest night the blooming dreamland.

    (((Tomas))) Your light and power is greater than most. Your outlook is amazing… for I know, when the time comes… your lifebook will be a guide and inspiration to you and so much more…

    I must admit, when I read your thoughts and words I am often humbled. you are an angel in this crazy world, sent to guide and teach… your words are treasures…

  4. Write your book…

    While we wrote with our life, the books are published by the money we have and therefore my inner writer doesn’t publish anything.
    While loving the books I fear the bookstores that convince once again that there are as the omnipotence of the divine will, as strict limitations of our bodily dreams.
    Not the wild nature threatens the humanity- I need the shelter to hide not from the wild wind, but … from oneself and my joy to accept other as my own brother in the same spirit.
    The world fights not with the nature but with himself

    (((tomas))) the book of life, your life… your insights are profound and deep… I can only respond in reflection… our bodily dreams? the body is nothing more than a shell, a home for the most important part of the universe… our Soul

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  6. I think we are ALL writing the same book…we have just forgotten for some reason.
    Llike Sorrow, Someday I hope to understand why.

    Sometimes the love and energy I feel all around me makes me want to just melt into it.
    Like a vanishing mist…consumed by light.

    Does that make any sense at all?

    Thank you for BEING!

    (((Gypsy))) It makes perfect sense 😀 Perfect beautiful sense… Thank YOU for being!

  7. Life’s soap opera is often not predictible; but there is always hope for tommow and a guiding light. You are a guiding light with your inspiring and truth filled words. Keep your light shining dearest Enreal. Peace, Light and Butterfly kisses to you this evening. CordieB.

    (((Cordie))) I believe I received your peace that night… I had not been at peace for a while… Thank You for your thoughts and energy

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