Strangely Beautiful Morning

A strangely beautiful morning…

I wake to a bright grey scene, my window over looks a lake, today it is unsettled. Something is new, something has awoken. The day is blustery, yet mild. There are snowflakes dancing on the wind and clouds are playing with sun. This strangely beautiful morning I enter the world. I walk and look to the sky an eerie silence is muted by the wind and trees that dance, they rustle for recognition as they enter the world on this strangely beautiful morning.

A change is in the air, an era struggles to fall and a season struggle to wake… One from an active awe and one from an awesome state. On this strangely beautiful morning a tear has fallen from the sky… one which grazes my lash and embraces my skin… I welcome the tear and yearn for my own… I welcome the tear and call to my soul.

I call for release, the tear, and what is represents. I call for an answer on this strangely beautiful morning…

I realize that my call has been heard, if not from all, then from the trees and wind. I can accept that, on this strangely beautiful morning.

7 responses to “Strangely Beautiful Morning

  1. I too, have awoken to a beautiful morning on the other side of the world from you. There is nothing strange about mine however.

    The ability to find beauty in anything and everything is so important and you have that ability, Enreal, very strongly. You are tuned in and sense these things that so many others miss.

    (((Zen)))… Thank you for your beautiful comment… it means a great deal coming from you…

  2. Thank you. Your hearty words make your readers the participants of the miracle of the wonderful morning. The fluency of the post eloquently depicts the awe of the Easter. Thank you for the fly on the wings of the gratitude. Happy Easter to you and yours, my dear

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