Will work for food…

It was mid afternoon. I left the store. Began to drive toward the main route. Stopped at the traffic light.  There stood a man. He was old. Standing on a corner with a sign. WILL WORK FOR FOOD He was just standing there. He was not looking at the cars. He was looking at the sky.

The light had changed. I began to drive. I began to think. If my father was still alive, he would have picked him up and brought him home. He would have given him a job. That was my father. Make him work for his food, in a kind, never condescending way. I on the other hand could not. I have no home that belongs to me… my family remains in my fathers house, yet it is not the same. In a moment I pulled an illegal U turn and turned around. I stopped the car and jumped out. I gave him some money. “I can not give you a job, but lunch is on me…” He was thankful and kind. I could see he was damaged and tired… I saw his eyes for a brief moment… the the traffic began to complain… I said goodbye and ran to my car…  My legs were shaking… I felt the energy…

I felt the energy… I felt his Life, his dreams as I drove away. I imagined a young boy dreaming about his future. I felt the disappointment, the shame, the way Life can go ‘wrong’. I do not judge his mistakes, nor what left him on the corner begging to work for food. He is the judge. I do not know his story, nor would I try to imagine. There are reasons why things happen, reasons for the mysteries, reasons for the trouble, lessons to be learned…  I only can imagine the little boy this man once was… he must have dreamt… where are his dreams?


For now I leave this to you all to ponder… this weekend… think of your dreams, how lucky you are. This is one man, one lost dream. Now think of others… others who have yet to dream or lose. Pain, loss, suffering… indeed is relative to the person or situation. You can not gage another’s capacity for either empathy or apathy.

You can however think upon your dreams… to lose them, although not forever is as painful as sadness on the edge of reason. Would you work for food?  Shame is the ultimate sacrifice… then all that you wish will come true… Sacrifice once and all will be new… 


Intriguing…this curious thing.
It breathes my air, takes my space, drinks my water, carries a place.

Intriguing…this curious thing.
It seems as if emotion gathers, it seems as if thought forms, it seems as if it holds secrets.

Intriguing…this curious thing.
It appears beautiful, as if designed by an artist, flawless perfection. As if it holds secrets.

Intriguing…this curious thing.
It holds true what I see.
This curious thing, it has fooled me.

This perfection, this beauty, it is mirage.
This curious thing…holds a veil, but within…

This curious thing…hollow within, sadness, something is missing.

This curious thing…hides within it a light, so brilliant, so pure.

This curious thing…Not perfection, if only it would see, what a light it holds to me.

It is…

There is a sense in the air… a feeling that has manifested into form… hidden by a fabric thinner than time

There is a vibration in the air… a hint of sound floating through my body… deep inside, a chill

There is a wind… approaching at speeds too fast to feel… yet it passes through, leaving its path visible with light

There is a calm… approaching from within… it was always there, yet it lay dormant… until this thing

This thing… too great for words… too large for me… or is it?

This calm is strength… it came out from my soul… it came out of my mind… it burst to the surface it broke through me…

This thing… it came to me… for me… to take me… to teach me…

But what is this thing?

With eyes that shatter, yet are not seen

With tears that blind, yet can not flow

With knowledge that breaks, yet is spoken in an ancient tongue

With words you deafen, yet can not be sung

But what is this thing?

What is it?

Is it?

It is… 

I dream…

I sleep
I dream

I see beauty and light
I take flight

Hold on to me
As we travel
Far beyond this time
Far beyond this place

The sky so bright
Vivid are the stars at night

Illuminating imaginations
Elucidating our souls

During our Journey
We understood
All that life held was good

Our knowledge from the source
An open book to guide our course

This dream hold true
This life we value

For in the end
It is what it is

Life is and always will be this dream
Continuous Life and knowledge

It is beyond an individual
Life is greater than the whole
But can not be without an individual