This Journey

From beyond this time
From beyond this place

Illuminating imaginations
Elucidating our souls

During our Journey
We understood

All that life has held
Was meant for good

Our knowledge spoken from the source
Guided in shadows a hidden course

This dream held true
This life we value

In the end
Life is and always will be this dream

Life is beyond an individual
Life is greater than the whole

Yet in the beginning
It needed a spark…

Our souls are burning embers
Of the beginnings eternal fire

6 responses to “This Journey

  1. Enreal, your words are always so beautiful and profound. Are you sure you are actually a human being and not some angel?

    After all, who can tell on the internet? 😉

    (((Zen)))… What a wonderful compliment… Thank You

  2. Profound indeed!
    Words can not describe this work of art.
    You are blessed with the gift of words.
    Love and lights shine on you always

    (((99ppp)))… May love and light shine on you my friend…

  3. Eternal embers…
    Thats a visual!
    what a wonderful word weaver you are!

    (((Sorrow)))… A beautiful sight indeed… I fail to see sometimes, I listen to the words for guidance….

  4. Enreal,
    Wise words! Life is timeless except for the illusion of time that we create.

    (((MarK)))… If we could remove the limitations we create we would be timeless as well…

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