Logically, yes…

Logically yes…it can all be explained.

The thoughts and dreams.

The tiny glimpses of a surreality so perfect and happy it makes you yearn for that mental space again.

The perfect conversations laid at the perfect times that make it all seem as if the world, time and space are in synch with you, every fiber of you.

The subtle calm upon waking and realizing the night before, the dreams and adventures are gone into the vault of our minds. It was just a dream…and the longing for them to be reality…

Yes, indeed, it can all be explained. But why? Why explain wonderment? Why try to predict the unpredictable? Why does everything need a reason…Let it be and realize certainty is a myth. All be told, we define our surroundings. We give names to the nameless and rules to the chaos. Let it be and live in the uncertainty of Life…that is the only thing we can be certain of.