Does that make sense?

I love to cry… I get sad, yet am always comforted. I feel surrounded by Love, yet burdened with pain. I feel weighted, yet constantly supported. Does that make sense?

I love to feel… I learn from hardship, yet reflect on the purpose. I am sometimes lost and confused, yet I know the answer is near… waiting to be discovered. Does that make sense?

I question Life… I am constantly perplexed at the over simplification of Life… we search far and wide for Life, travel to the ends of the Universe… and not see the miracle we have in front of our eyes. Does that make sense?

I know a truth… one that has not been proven. I understand a vision… one that is not taken, but borrowed. I wait for proof… not for me, but for the world, to see, to learn. Does that make sense?

Does anything make sense? Does it have to? I suppose not. You feel, you know, some where, at some point, it will.

9 responses to “Does that make sense?

  1. Most of my ponderings are loose change…
    but I know
    makes perfect sense…
    most of the time.

    (((Sorrow))) Then my friend, you are truly blessed! Most of the time 😉

  2. I love to read your posts.
    Sorry for that may sound inappropriately- is it possible to rejoice over the crying heart?

    no, of course, but your words portray something sacred- something much bigger than our understanding and that puts me in awe.

    My best wishes to you
    Thank you

    (((Tomas)))… I only wish to share with you all and I want us all to find meaning, does that make sense? Thank You for your encouragement and your lovely words

  3. Just like the wind, you feel its presence, soft and cool against your skin till dust gets in your eyes. Rub it off then all will be well.

    Just like gravity, we trip and fall and stood again. We walk away with scars but now we know to keep watch where we’re going so we won’t fall again.

    Just like a rushing river, Life goes fast. We’re lost so we look for where the water heads to and missed the beautiful sceneries as we wander. Those who stop for a sip of the cool water found happiness, relieved from the hectic world.

    Just like Time, we do not wait for things to happen. We search and make things happen. Funny how most would think there’s a time for everything and waits for eternity.

    Just like Life itself, everything makes sense. Everything does only and if only you believe it does. For everything comes within oneself.

    …and as we move on, what used to make sense could be rewritten as nonsense. But that’s Life – irony every time.

    Good wishes :]

    (((Glaize)))… What beautiful words of wisdom… I am truly humbled

  4. Enreal ,

    For the last some minutes your word flow is on my mind and
    probably heart too. Yet there is nothing that I can say .
    It feels like it is just growing , it is just at the edges of the
    cell membranes waiting to escape into the air around .

    Now , does that make sense ?


    (((Akash))) I am speechless… thank you for your words…

  5. In so many ways it perhaps does not make sense .


    (((akash))) yet perhaps it does… that is the riddle of life… forever question life

  6. In so many other ways , it makes near perfect sense .

    At the end of it all , does it matter at all ?

    A life is being lived – with self being as close to it’s innerself
    as possible . Clearing layers and layers of externalities , to
    feel the beauty of human existence……..

    Now if you permit me , let me change the question .

    Do you see ?


    (((akash))) I see what you painted for me… now can you imagine?

  7. It makes sense 🙂
    Please understand yourself – if you cry it`s an expression of emotions. Don`t get addicted! For human`s are susceptible to to become addicted of emotions. We create patterns so easily! Even if these are negative emotions.

    (((Eva)))… I love to feel, that is one thing I will never sacrifice… wether good or bad… what would I be? I believe Khalil Gibran stated emotions best… On Joy or Sorrow

    Peace my friend… I truly love these comments of your!

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