Does that make sense?

I love to cry… I get sad, yet am always comforted. I feel surrounded by Love, yet burdened with pain. I feel weighted, yet constantly supported. Does that make sense?

I love to feel… I learn from hardship, yet reflect on the purpose. I am sometimes lost and confused, yet I know the answer is near… waiting to be discovered. Does that make sense?

I question Life… I am constantly perplexed at the over simplification of Life… we search far and wide for Life, travel to the ends of the Universe… and not see the miracle we have in front of our eyes. Does that make sense?

I know a truth… one that has not been proven. I understand a vision… one that is not taken, but borrowed. I wait for proof… not for me, but for the world, to see, to learn. Does that make sense?

Does anything make sense? Does it have to? I suppose not. You feel, you know, some where, at some point, it will.