Help Japan

Japan Earth Quake 2011


Most everyone knows the impact of Fridays devastating earthquake which spawned a massive tsunami leaving hundreds of thousands either displaced, missing or dead. Economic Impact. Nuclear Crisis. Displaced. Broken…It breaks my heart to know that so many lives are forever scarred. I pray for the people of Japan and know that millions will join in the effort to help the people of this ravaged country.

I normally do not emphasize the need of charity and donation… yet as I sit here, warm, with food and comfort I feel guilty. I read about only a fraction of the imminent grief and I know that once all is said and done it will only be the beginning of Japans long recovery. So give. Even if only a small donation. Give.


7 Simple ways to help

Red Cross

Japanese Red Cross

Google Crisis Response (There you can choose where to donate.)

Doctors Without Borders


And if you can’t… pray and  keep the people in your heart. Be mindful and give thanks for your life and your way of life.