Air of being

Do you believe
In what seems to be

The love felt for your souls
The pain felt for yours lost

How tomorrow can come after today
How a day can span forever
A moment may exist ever or never

Do you believe

In what seems to be

Your souls completion left aside
Your souls reason passed on by

Your souls adrift
You lost your mind
Your place is missed

Perhaps left behind


Do you believe

In what seems to be


To lose a piece of your soul
Time often takes its toll
Its seems unfair that all must wait
For the time we contemplate

If we were born too late

If we have missed the date
Why do we have to wait
For our destined fate

To reveal the truth

To our soul

To see the meaning

In our mind

To believe in what seems to be

For ever

Or perhaps

just this time







~wordsweneversaidthank you

11 responses to “Air of being

  1. I believe in love, I believe in respect – I believe in miracles and I believe a place waits for us all.

    We just need to either find it or be led to it – it is there somewhere.

    I just don’t know where to start looking my friend.

    Love you,

    • L. Perhaps when you find it you shall share your sight, I know you will find your beginning… for now I am seemingly blind… if and when I begin to see… I hope I still believe….

  2. It starts with this – right now.

    I mean – we are here – you, me – them…

    Why did I find you – how is it you were here in my darkest hours?

    Were they your dark hours as well?

    If so – how is it that I wanted to reach you and why would you respond?

    You did – you saved me from more than one dangerous impulse or thought by just being there, being you.

    I won’t lie…

    I am not ‘christian’ – but the light you gave me I will consider ‘divine’in it’s way.

    It gave me hope.

    YOU gave that to me.

    Thank you.


    • YOU made me believe in one thing… we all find what we need… good or bad… right or wrong… light or darkness… I used to believe in many things… they were all lost with time and dreams… You rekindled the spark… thank you for being you and giving me a glimpse into my past hopes… perhaps all is not lost.

      I read your words aloud in my mind and felt as though they were mine… this has happened on many an occasion with your words… that gives me hope also… I may feel it, but I am definitely not alone

  3. Beautiful.

    This morning Enreal, I was thinking, what would happen if we decided to only move forward from our “good” memories and not be a victim of our “bad” memories? I’m not sure, it’s just a thought that was flying around that I forgot about until I saw your post and was reminded of the good, the purity of the soul.

  4. I am still not sure if I believe in destiny.. but I do believe that the fruits of patience and efficient work are usually sweet.. maybe not right away, but definitely in the long run.. the art lies in appreciating those fruits.. 🙂

    Your excellent poem here made me think about of all this..all over again.. it’s very effectively written, Enreal.. thank you, my friend, for sharing your thoughts here…

  5. You changed things a bit – it is so fresh and pretty here, I like it – it is soothing and both cool and warm at once. (when I was little my Aunt Marylin would add a bit of bleach to her wash water for bed clothes and she would hang the heavy cotton sheets out in the sun to dry. We would love to slip into those sheets at night – they smelled of ‘clean’ and fresh air and were both warm enough to ward off the chill yet cool enough that we were comfortable and relaxed. There were some beautiful dreams wrapped in those sheets – like the soothing comfort I so often find here)


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