Help Japan

Japan Earth Quake 2011


Most everyone knows the impact of Fridays devastating earthquake which spawned a massive tsunami leaving hundreds of thousands either displaced, missing or dead. Economic Impact. Nuclear Crisis. Displaced. Broken…It breaks my heart to know that so many lives are forever scarred. I pray for the people of Japan and know that millions will join in the effort to help the people of this ravaged country.

I normally do not emphasize the need of charity and donation… yet as I sit here, warm, with food and comfort I feel guilty. I read about only a fraction of the imminent grief and I know that once all is said and done it will only be the beginning of Japans long recovery. So give. Even if only a small donation. Give.


7 Simple ways to help

Red Cross

Japanese Red Cross

Google Crisis Response (There you can choose where to donate.)

Doctors Without Borders


And if you can’t… pray and  keep the people in your heart. Be mindful and give thanks for your life and your way of life.

7 responses to “Help Japan

  1. THANK YOU!!!!!

    You listed links I have passed on to others I have spoken to and a few I have yet to read.

    MOST important- you list REPUTABLE organizations that have the ability, the recourses and the authority to affect immediate change for the better.


  2. *shy* wow – killed the spelling on my comment – but – I meant that you have actually suggested ways people can truly help.

    Throwing money is not the answer – it needs to go where it will do the most good Enreal.

    *bows out less than gracefully*

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  4. Enreal,

    Thank you for sharing and reminding us. The situation is heartbreaking and more so that even as we watch what is unfolding in Japan, there are countless other heartbreaking issues around the globe.


  5. This is really humbling, Enreal.. you made me realize how lucky I am to be ALIVE! Thanks, my friend…yes, it really IS the time to give and share…

  6. wonderful post Enreal. a month ago i was without power for a few days and the effects of that alone were real and made me feel helpless. it was only a few days during the winter. i cannot imagine…. i have many friends in japan, my heart goes out to them, and each one is in my thoughts. i always hope that money given to aid the victims makes its way into the correct hands. i believe that you have posted some most excellent links. thank you for your reminder to us all. take good care. ~700

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