There are so many things I can’t explain. So many feelings I can’t  register. Questions I can’t fathom. Thoughts I fail to explore.

Is there choice in this matter?

Boundless yet finite are my journeys. Reason leads the  expedition now. Faith has taken her sabbatical, leaving the journey  up to the mind alone.

Once there was a time when the universe opened her  heart to me. When we danced and drank in life to the fullest. We ventured,  amazed at the signs which stared upon us in reflection. She and me. Bound. There once was a time…

It seems so long ago.

Then there came the passage above, the one which triumphed above us as one. The one which called to question the feelings, the thoughts, the connection with realization. The one which threatened the heart. During our travels we often face reason and choice…

This was neither, yet it was both.

There came the road. Metaphorical. The road which bore two paths.

Numbly I chose the path apart. Journeyed the world with her in silence, for she was there. My universe. In silence. She knew why I chose the path. It was simpler, yet forged in false altruism.

Truth is hidden…

Often in plain sight.

Yet in this sight, before us we fail to question the journey. The who, what, where and why? Who laid the path, ventured the journey, explored the unexplorable and sought the meaning?

It was Us

Before we see the end, let us journey the paths and live the beginnings. Before we see the end, let us reunite.

On this day

Was it yesterday
I seem to have forgotten

I was alone
I was pensive

In solace
I gazed upon my thoughts

I left my life behind
I travelled my soul to the end of time

I want to take away what I left behind
For Life is fickle and unkind

For now time holds my fate
For now I must live and wait

Was it yesterday
I seem to have forgotten

Tranquility of the mind
My soul is made of time

Upon my parting
I had whispered the truth

Upon my awakening
I shouted an answer

Upon my realization
I sought an interpreter

No one to hear
No one to see…

Was it yesterday
I seem to have forgotten

Upon my birth
I will forget the end

Upon my death
I will remember the beginning

And on this day
I seem to have forgotten

I am alone in peace
I am in solace complete

On this day
I have found my way




Gazing silently at the horizon… listening to my heart

All my thoughts escaped

At peace

All my thoughts escaped

But only for a moment

For they shall return

They shall come flooding into my mind

Harkening to my soul

Bombarding me with feelings

Regret, longing, memories, failures… want

I see it

Where I envision myself

I feel it

My Soul waits in confusion

Two lives

Two desires

One pure

One tainted

My soul waits in contemplation

It doesn’t know what to feel

So much has simply passed




knowledge simply slipping though the mind

landing on the wings of an angel

My Angel

she waits

arms reaching to entrust the moments lost

“your answers”

she waits

I get tired of looking

The horizon so far away

Of all my wants

Of all my searching

I want to be complete

I want to be one

Mind and Soul

Letting the ego go

Yet it is so far

One must travel the endless journey

To meet the horizon

This journey

Is life

And life

As the horizon

is infinite

Let us live

Journey to the end of the world

It may be far

So far

It may be

Let it be

Silence walks and rings her bell

Silence walks and rings her bell, the ground wet and cold beneath her feet… the air is heavy, it is suspended by rain, the fog lays ignored on this misty twilight by Silence.

Silence walks and rings her bell. The stones lie cold and alone on this twilight. Not a soul in sight but for the birds which rest upon the stones, memorials of those who passed, the birds pass by too.

Silence walks and rings her bell, for those who rest shall hear the ring of love, the sound of remembrance… they shall feel remembered.

Silence walks and rings her bell, she tires and walks the cold wet ground towards the gates. Slowly she turns towards the stones, watching the fog, acknowledging the birds and thanking the twilight. Be it of silence, remembrance, acknowledgment… Be it of presence…

Remember to walk with Silence and remember the day…

Happy Birthday Dad

June 14, 1948- December 18, 2006

The third birthday I missed…