Another day at work. Another day at Life. Another day that passed with little to no difference from the days which existed before… or was there something?

Was there a moment which existed, which exists now as I am writing these words? Was there a moment of reflection, of questioning, of reason which stands foremost in my mind? Is there something new?

Is it perhaps this thought which reached my mind, spoken from my soul? is it perhaps the feeling of being present. For that is how I felt as I faced my reflection in passing. As I stopped, stared and smiled. First I thought myself tired, but then I saw something. Something which spoke to my heart, from my mind. Placing reason within understanding. Something which I can not properly define… but I know. I know I am not tired anymore… I know that I am actually alright… I wanted to write “for the time being” twice… yet I did not…

I feel the smile once more… I guess it wasn’t the lighting.