Throughout the history of humanity, in all the traditions and what they left behind, amidst all the different forms and decorations, the message and the answer is You.

Robert Earl Burton

2 responses to “You

  1. Now, that was quite a deep thought. 😛 If I’m not wrong the quotation reveals that the solution to all our problems or the power to resolve them lies within ourselves, and not in the past, no? :S Or it somehow connects us with our ancestors? Eh, it’s pretty confusing. 😛 Elaborate, please.

    • M.M. I take it as we are made up of our ancestors. Forgetting religion and beliefs, forgetting the purpose of simple everyday life… all which has occurred left us at this place. brought us to this moment of now. revealed to us this instant and made us aware at this moment… It is You. It is I. It is very deep 😉

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