There are so many things I can’t explain. So many feelings I can’t  register. Questions I can’t fathom. Thoughts I fail to explore.

Is there choice in this matter?

Boundless yet finite are my journeys. Reason leads the  expedition now. Faith has taken her sabbatical, leaving the journey  up to the mind alone.

Once there was a time when the universe opened her  heart to me. When we danced and drank in life to the fullest. We ventured,  amazed at the signs which stared upon us in reflection. She and me. Bound. There once was a time…

It seems so long ago.

Then there came the passage above, the one which triumphed above us as one. The one which called to question the feelings, the thoughts, the connection with realization. The one which threatened the heart. During our travels we often face reason and choice…

This was neither, yet it was both.

There came the road. Metaphorical. The road which bore two paths.

Numbly I chose the path apart. Journeyed the world with her in silence, for she was there. My universe. In silence. She knew why I chose the path. It was simpler, yet forged in false altruism.

Truth is hidden…

Often in plain sight.

Yet in this sight, before us we fail to question the journey. The who, what, where and why? Who laid the path, ventured the journey, explored the unexplorable and sought the meaning?

It was Us

Before we see the end, let us journey the paths and live the beginnings. Before we see the end, let us reunite.