Life is a road, our futures foretold

In a mirror we peak, our destiny we seek

What we call our journey is perhaps an adventure

Life is the vision, forever an endeavor

The distance seems long, at times the timing seems wrong

For our life is written on pages not given

In the book only He reads
In the library only He seeds

For God grants us life
For God grants us strife

We make it and take it
We break and forsake it

We sow it
We grow it

If only we know it

What have you but a Journey?
What have you but one life?

What say you today?

The one who says this is all?

What say you today?

The one who claims to know the meaning of the fall?

Our Journeys will unfold
Our lives will come to One

And in that time
We shall see

And in that time

All shall be

We live but one Life…
That one life universal
That one Life is but one…

What is one?

One is alone

One if Infinite

14 responses to “Infinite

    • MM… this is the greatest of joy a person can feel. I am honored, for I too have felt linked to art, literature… there is no greater joy than the moments of connection… I treasure your work as well… thank you

  1. Life is a journey, and only one life to fulfill it.
    So sad…if only we can learn so much more as we progress on that road of life.

    I think I learned the secret though….(it’s who you meet and the special one(s) you walk with everyday, sharing the experiences…love, joy, melancholy sadness, and ultimately happiness on that path)

    Well written Enreal.

  2. Your words as always are so wonderful and true and this is no different.
    “Our Journeys will unfold
    Our lives will come to One” Simply stunning.

    With Love

  3. Fate – the design of one’s life code. James Hillman talks about this in the Soul’s Code. The expression “amor fati” also addresses this, the acceptance of what is and what is to be. The story of Job is a good example of this. Thanks.

    PS I posted this in the wrong thread earlier. Apologies.

    • Retired Eagle… no worries. I replied to the other comment first. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on these pages… I shall look for Job. Thank You

  4. This is to me the ultimate conundrum; One Existence, seemingly presenting one reason to be, to exist, yet the individual, a kind of almost blank slate on which something of existence is written in life.

    I am both afraid and thrilled that the one answer as solution may always be, to some degree, unreachable. Yet I am, existence is, and presumably we all are able to make something new where we are.

    The levels of our interconnections may never be completely known or respected, but that aspect of ones ignorance does not deny what real truth is now. A good dose of humbled awe may be a good thing to take in each day.

    We may honor The Truth without actually comprehending what It all is. We may love again after grief and loss, or say it is too much to be asked to do. But to do it anyway does tend to make life new once again. This one miracle placed into each ones heart and soul to be used at will.

    Thanks Enreal for your incisive words.

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