Closed Eyes

When I look 
When I listen
 I close my eyes

I feel

It is here
It is behind me

Beside me

Inside me

It is whispering
“Listen with your mind”

Ears can not hear
The hauntingly soft sound
The whisper which rings in my mind
Echoing louder than thought

“Listen with your heart”
“…hear my call,
I am here.
Look for me with closed eyes”

“Find me,
I am here
In the eye of the mind
With the voice of your soul”

It never left…
Life is different with the knowledge
Passes by on a contrastive journey

Between ignorance and understanding

What the implications are for choosing to listen…

Are yet to be learned, simply live and listen…

Do not experience pain
Do not yearn for the past

The past is a trick of desire
Desire is the trick of the mind
The mind is the trick of time
Time is the trick of space
Space is infinite as is life

Experience life with semi closed eyes and an open soul
Experience the soul with an unyielding grasp

When I think of it
I feel sorrow partly for it
I feel sorrow and pain for myself

To want more time with it
Is that wrong?

Now I wait with closed eyes, for that is the only place I will feel it
Behind closed eyes is where I can hear it
Behind closed eyes I can see it, in my infinite mind

For eternity…

Can you feel it? Do you know what it is?

Remind me

Remind me of the time

I failed to listen to the ticking minutes, I only saw the days.

Remind me of the place

I failed to hear the thundering rain, I only tasted the lightening.

Remind me of the moments

I failed to watch the meanings of  winter, I only heard the laughter of spring.


The  moments, places and times filled with light and senses. Emotions and tears. Remind me of all I missed