Life is a road, our futures foretold

In a mirror we peak, our destiny we seek

What we call our journey is perhaps an adventure

Life is the vision, forever an endeavor

The distance seems long, at times the timing seems wrong

For our life is written on pages not given

In the book only He reads
In the library only He seeds

For God grants us life
For God grants us strife

We make it and take it
We break and forsake it

We sow it
We grow it

If only we know it

What have you but a Journey?
What have you but one life?

What say you today?

The one who says this is all?

What say you today?

The one who claims to know the meaning of the fall?

Our Journeys will unfold
Our lives will come to One

And in that time
We shall see

And in that time

All shall be

We live but one Life…
That one life universal
That one Life is but one…

What is one?

One is alone

One if Infinite

Do you know who I am?

I am here in your mind

the light of your desires

the solace of your dreams


I am here in your soul

The greatness of your spirit

The fullness of your heart


I am your intentions

the power you wish to hold

the strength you wish to be


I am your visions

the happiness of your soul

the clarity you wish to see


Do you know who I am?

I am you

you are me

we are one

we are free

Now do you know me