Shadow Dawn

We call for truth

Yet ignore reality

As fallacy brings forth

An unmistakable prophecy

We seek words of tomorrow

Yet read stories of sorrow

Watching as mischief winds

The endless hands of time

Together we wait

If only to glimpse a wary fate

Need we heed the days of past

Watch the shadows as are cast

Then as the shadows fall

Our spirits will renew

Then only when the shadows fade

Will our stories begin anew

The shadow cast


There in the light

The glistening dew of tears

The salty waters fall

Into shallow moments

Passing so quick

Too quick

To the roots of all

Sorrow there

as the wind invisible is there

Between the limbs and branches

This glorious sadness

Forever to grow

For the seeds were sewn

An eternity ago

Rest now upon the light

The eternal and sorrowful sight

Brought forth in pure delight

For sadness is pure

It is forever in the roots

The endless cycle of day and night

Be it ever so bright

For eternal a day

Is eternal a night

There in the shadow cast

May the memories last

And rest

Within Going-Within.jpg



Within the calm of the twilight

Beneath the rays of the night

There lies a peaceful meadow 

With flowers and butterflies that shine ever so bright


Within the shadow of your thoughts

Beneath the veil of blindness in your dreams

There lies a path of light

That belongs for only your eyes to meet


Within the chambers of your heart

Beneath the reality of life and all its parts

There lies a place of solace

With answers and knowledge for an eternity 


Within your soul