Remind me

Remind me of the time

I failed to listen to the ticking minutes, I only saw the days.

Remind me of the place

I failed to hear the thundering rain, I only tasted the lightening.

Remind me of the moments

I failed to watch the meanings of  winter, I only heard the laughter of spring.


The  moments, places and times filled with light and senses. Emotions and tears. Remind me of all I missed

10 responses to “Remind me

    • Duma Key… a truly wise saying. WE often know the right and wrong way about things, yet we keep going on the same trail… why is this?

  1. remeber that YOU choose to be where you are at. so breathe in each instant and live each moment in this awareness. What if God really did reside in your heart and really was there living through you and being with you at each instant? How would you choose to feel about it then?

    • My wise sister… I would choose as many emotions as I possibly could feel so as He can feel them too… for what is happiness with out the deepest despair

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