I am

I am the one you won’t behold
I hold something you can not mold
I have peace forever old
I have centuries of secrets which won’t be told

I am your peace
I am your solace
I am your undefinable
I am your abstract

I give you comfort
I am your friend
I am your father
Until the end

Some call me Soul
Some call me Old
Some call me God
Yet some never call

A captive of Life
Confined in you
Forever with you
Unassumingly misunderstood

9 responses to “I am

  1. ~mossy~ I believe you know

    ~ Gypsy~ You are indeed and you see further than “eye”

    ~ Cordie~ you speak wisdom my dear friend…

    ~ rainer~ Who indeed… I do not know anymore… it is in the relentless questioning I hope to find… a glimpse to the answers

  2. U know enreal u have something lots of people don’t have ..
    that when u writes and we read .. we feel relief , we feel that we saw this words before,Our heart wanted to say it hundreds of times .. U tell what we feel .. plz keep sharing ur words .

  3. “Unassumingly misunderstood” That last sentence left me breathless. . . It shall haunt me for a while. . . please elaborate if you have time to what you mean. Thanks. PLL, CordieB.

  4. Unassumingly misunderstood… I am as you are… being misunderstood is something we all must accept… to have complete understanding is like being God… and while it is impossible it is accepted and misunderstood… we all assume to understand… yet walk a mile, live a life… we are all breathing the same air… yet it tastes different…

    I am what I am
    Cordie… I hope that does it for you… I get in my zone and the words come… sometimes from a place I don’t understand myself… We find the answers we need…

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