The Human Factor

Can we make a difference?
Surpass the past
Can we grow?

Have we the key?
Can we see the door?
Should we unlock it?
Who would it be for?

We have the key
We see the door
We have to unlock it
It has been done before

We can make a difference
Surpass the past
And grow

We have the human factor
We are all connected
As a whole we can make a change
As a whole we can make a difference
We must live ourselves
We must look within
It is simple for us to wait for others
It is simple for us to blame the rest
It is simply blaming ourselves
We don’t see it
Or do we?

17 responses to “The Human Factor

  1. I loved this one for it speaks of a truth I live by each day, thanks for this I needed to read it today!

    ~sanity~ you are most welcome my friend… we always find what we need… keep the faith…

  2. I hope we can evolve enreal. Our ability to evolve is only right to be here. Once we have reached the limits of our form the process will move on and leave us behind. We will be replaced by the next new thing.

    We have one special gift from evolution/god that we haven’t really started to use yet – conscious choice. If we can learn to use this quickly and overcome the inheritance of our basic instinct there is lots of reason to hope for a long future here on earth. If not our time is already nearly up.

    Love V

    Please pop by and visit my new self hosted site here and sign in with your open ID.

  3. It’s an individual journey , at all times, It’s never about them, always about ourselves…
    wise words..
    and as always ,well woven..

  4. Yes, we are as one. When I choose to evolve, the whole collective evolves with me. With every choice I make, I can make a difference for human kind. This connection gives each life unlimited potential.
    Thank you for making a difference!

  5. ~Mark~* is it not always so? 🙂

    ~Necromancer~* I had a feeling it would… for you

    ~V~* missed seeing you and hearing your words… ever so wise… one day we will see your truths… because we need to…

    ~rainer~* thank you… you do see…

    ~sorrow~* it is an individual journey and it can get lonely… I suppose that is why wee seek like minds… thank you

    ~norea~* Thank YOU for making a difference! Every word you speak is true… We all must try to make a difference… thank you my friend… the energy you shared was great! 😀

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  8. I’m trying to figure out why i made that statment (above) on this post. I must have been in emotional pain that day; for I can’t figure it out. Anywho????? Tis true though.

    Beautiful words Enreal, as a whole we can bring forth change and evolve to beyond measurements and weights; and if we use our conscious in a deeper level I believe we can manifest anything in our imagination! Beautiful words as always! PLL, CordieB

  9. ~V~ very wise and true none the less

    ~cordie~ i often wonder when and where i say things… your words hold a deep understanding… may i discover them on my journey

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