The night


Enter my mind
Engulf my soul

Deepen my sense
Awaken my soul

So loud are the eyes
So silent the cries

So withered the ties
So torn are the lies

As the silence explodes
The night enfolds

To what memories toll

Be it ever so old


Within the maze of the sky

We fly ever so high

Leaving chances behind

Building dreams before us to climb


The victory we fear

The meaning is ever so clear

Showing purpose and sight

Giving solace to mind


Then shadow and fog

A sound from far far above

Growing is light

Past is the night

12 responses to “The night

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  3. ~sanity~ it is funny what emerges subconsciously.. thank you

    ~Morning joy~ I am happy you found something here

    ~Liara~ You humble me… nonetheless thank you from the bottom of my heart

    ~gypsy~ what a beautiful thing to say… thank you my friend

    ~Mark~ it is the light that has changed mine… thank you for your thoughts

    ~nemesis~ it is always in the simplest form that we find answers to the most complex

    ~sleeping spirit~ then it now belongs to you… thank you for being there

    ~goldenferi~ Thank you as always my beautiful friend~

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