Twilight descends on your eyes

Darkness floods your soul

The night though dark

Can never engulf you whole


Dawn ascends on your mind

Light captures your senses

The day is vivid

Never surpassing the brightness of your spirit


The contrast is ever so clear

The concepts and mysteries we fear

Shadows of knowledge dance with delight

Playing with truths and wisdom 

For an eternity is insight

7 responses to “Insight

  1. As I gaze into the perspective of the vibrant Aurora Borealis on your site, I hitchhike, catch a ride on the vibrations of light. My mind wanders to experience existence another galaxy. Then, my mind an astral body return to where I am now as this is where I believe my focus is meant to be at this moment.

  2. Indeed, there’s no need to fear the dark, for you are light. When you shine, the world around you lights up and you can see past the illusion. Thank you for sharing your insight.

    Thanks to Liara too. I love what you said, particularly ‘to where I am now as this is where I believe my focus is meant to be at this moment.’ Beautiful!

  3. Thank you Enreal for sharing these words of wisdom!

    You are the source of so much hope and beauty for others to admire and appreciate.

    Have a great day!

    Peace, love and honour to you.


  4. “Twilight descends on your eyes, darkness floods your soul…”
    I’ve only read a few of your posts, but you send chills down my spine.
    Such eloquence…


  5. ~Liara~ your words are beautiful… I hope you enjoyed your journey… may we travel again someday?

    ~mossy~ it is a favor returned… you are an inspiration

    ~norea~ Your perspective is always so full of hope and wisdom… may it always reign

    ~cyrus~ we are all here for one another… it is in this that we may see… I find myself over and over through your inspirations… it is a cycle and a beautiful one indeed

    ~Mark~ As you have done so often

    ~scribbler~ Welcome to my journals… thank you

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