Where are you


Are you here?

I see you not

I waited for this time

A time I never forgot

I have always lived in the past

Learned to give in to moments that shall not last


I have learned

I have been told not to question

But I yearn

Be it truth or be it lesson


A truth unspoken

A knowledge misunderstood

A burning question

I need to be heard


Where are you?

Why am I in this time?

Why am I in this Life?


Where are you?

Why have you left me here?

away from my time of old


If I don’t see you

How can one be certain?

How can I put all of my faith in my beliefs?

How can one trust in fantasy?

In a reality not my own


So I ask this one question

A question known

I have the answer

Yet I ask this one question

In hope of a sign

Where are you?

8 responses to “Where are you

  1. ~mossy~ I try to everyday

    ~Surface Earth~ I believe our hearts and soul belong to the same life… we read and relate to one another for we are blessed and cursed from the same knowing… you are a light to me… I feel blessed to read my feelings in your words as well…

    ~Mahakal~ nice to see an old friend… your words touched me… thank you… from deep within

    ~Duma Key~ it is life… the endless quest… for eternity

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