So Far



Gazing silently at the horizon… listening to my heart

All my thoughts escaped

At peace


All my thoughts escaped

But only for a moment


For they shall return

They shall come flooding into my mind

Harkening to my soul

Bombarding me with feelings

Regret, longing, memories, failures… want


I see it 

Where I envision myself


I feel it

My Soul waits in confusion

Two lives 

Two desires

One pure 

One tainted

My soul waits in contemplation


It doesn’t know what to feel

So much has simply passed




knowledge simply slipping though the mind

landing on the wings of an angel

she waits

arms reaching to entrust the moments lost

“your answers”

she waits


I get tired of looking

The horizon so far away

Of all my wants

Of all my searching

I want to be complete

I want to be one 

Mind and Soul

Letting the ego go


Yet it is so far

One must travel the endless journey

To meet the horizon

This journey

Is life

And life

As the horizon

is infinite

Let us live

Journey to the end of the world

It may be far

So far

It may be

Let it be

14 responses to “So Far

  1. Beautiful, true poem. You have captured the way I feel at times, wanting to belong but not sure where. But it is just part of life, and as you say it is infinite. I’m sure we all feel this way from time to time. We just need to keep moving on to the horizon.

    ~Eric S~ Welcome! Thank you for your thoughtful comment… We all want to belong… the secret is we are right where we need to be… it is only our souls who wish to be free… yet we need to live the lives we chose… perhaps… perhaps this is it… let us keep on our journey toward the infinite horizon…

  2. This is our journey. Heavy burden it seems sometimes. But the angel has infinite patience and infinite love. We are not moving too slowly – we are moving exactly as we should. And what treasures we are finding down here in physical form – jewels and gems we can take back to the angel one day. We have a purpose just as we are.

    Beautiful poem, Enreal. It aches with yearning 🙂

    ~ zenuria~ you know all too well… beautiful thoughts my friend… thank you

  3. “I feel it

    My Soul waits in confusion

    Two lives

    Two desires

    One pure

    One tainted

    My soul waits in contemplation”


    “she waits

    arms reaching to entrust the moments lost”


    check out my new poems =]

  4. I agree with everyone Enreal…I seem to always say the same thing, but beautiful is what fits…

    or maybe

    ~gypsy~ my dear friend… I am blessed by your love and light… you are an inspiration each and every time I feel your light
    Namaste’ my dear.

  5. This reminds me of Jonathan Carroll, the fiction writer.
    All I could think of while reading this was “The Wooden Sea”, a book he wrote years ago, a rambling, mysterious and beautiful novel.
    This post IS a novel.
    Incredible stuff.
    Almost too much to take in on a first read.

    ps. thanks for all your visits. I do so appreciate them.

    ~ michael~ you humble me… thank you… you have been an inspiration to me…

  6. Thanks for the feedback. I ALWAYS read other peoples work after they comment on mine. If they take the time to read my thoughts, they deserve the time given to read theirs. I now understand why you like that one though. You have a very deep thought of mind and write about things alot of people think about daily… If not, they should. I’ll keep writing if you keep reading and vice-versa. THANKS AGAIN

    ~shady~ welcome and thank you for sharing your light…

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